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    Thank you all so much! I'm so in love with the name that I'm considering using it whether the rest of my family likes it or not. Lol I am the one giving birth to him after all. (single mom so no Dad opinion to contend with)

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    I adore Zane.

    On my own list, I like some fairly long eccentric picks so Zane up front balances them out. Zane Eleazar, Zane Hadriel, Zane Thaddeus, Zane Phinneas. I sort of feel like Zane is crisp enough to balance them out. But... I think I am in a small group of people who like those names. lol. I would try to match it to 3-4 syllable middles though, even if more normal ones: Zane Alexander, Zane Dominic, Zane Raphael, Zane Finnegan.

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