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    I prefer out of the top 1000 and if it was given to fewer than 100 kids in the last year or two, even better. I do love a few super popular names, though, just couldn't bring myself to use them as I have always hated sharing a name with people.
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    Thanks everyone for your input.

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    Like many people had said above, if my very favourite name was #1 I would still use it.
    I doubt this would happen though because even amazing names somewhat lose a bit of their lustre when they are extremely popular.
    Names that I loved that are currently popular I still love, but just in a different way.

    If I had to draw a line, I would not love it if my child were to have to share a name with someone in their class at school, but would not mind if we otherwise knew many other people by the same name.
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    The name my husband and I have chosen for our daughter is outside the top 1000 and we couldn't be more pleased. My name is Jessika and there were always at least three in each of my school classes. My husband is David and had the same issue so we wanted a name that wasn't popular or trendy, but still begged to be used. We chose Ellsie Lauren.

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    It's a pretty arbitrary choice, but we avoid anything in the top 200.
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