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    I have no problem with popularity. I agree with scarletrune that popularity and trendiness are different things. Many popular names are long standing classics that span a dozen years or more (sometimes decades), while trendy names experience a short burst of popularity and quickly become dated. But if I felt a name was perfect for my kid, I'd use it no matter how many others babies born that year had the same name.

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    ...just posted something very similar on a different thread; sorry if this is redundant...

    I figure out the ratio of babies born in the most recent year with that name and alternatives. That helps DH and I figure out if a certain name's popularity is acceptable to us. The trend...technically the rate of change in popularity of the aka the derivative (hey look, a use for Calculus haha) is also taken into consideration.

    For example, we considered the name Arya. I looked up the popularities of Arya and Aria on the Our Baby Namer website (under the popularity tab). That website also shows charts of the popularities of the name between 1880-present and the change in ranking for those years (which is close to showing the derivative). The lines for both Arya and Aria are almost vertical on the right side which means their popularity is rising non-nerd terms, they are trendy. I added the total number of babies named Aria and Arya in 2012 which was 3964. About 4 million children--2 million boys and 2 million girls--are born in the U.S. each year. Divide 2 million by 3964 = 504 so last year about 1 in 500 girls was named Aria or Arya. If the name was only used for girls, I would say that means about 1 in 1000 children were named Aria/Arya but that is not quite true because some boys were also given those names so the "total children" ratio number needs the boys added in and then divide 4 million by that number to figure it out exactly. However, since Aria/Arya is so trendy, the number of children named in the next few years is very unpredictable...who knows, it could be a top 10 name in a couple years. In the end, we'll keep an eye on the rate of change in popularity of Arya the next year or few until we have a girl and recalculate then, but if it keeps rising exponentially, we'll avoid it.

    Everyone's tolerance cut-off for what number (1 out of x children named whatever) may be different, but the method can be used by all with concern for name popularity.
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    To be honest, I have my heart set on Avery as a boy's name, due to the fact that it is the name of my grand father who I was very close to, so in my opinion if you love a name, it's ranking shouldn't matter, but other than that name, I prefer less common names that don't even rank in the top 1000 and I really hope that the popularity of Avery drops because when it comes time for me to have a son, I want him to feel very unique

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    It depends on the situation, I guess. I'm pretty fine with names under #300 (but I would check to see if it's increasing fast) and would probably consider names that are from #299 to #100. Over that, I'd be concerned.

    ...That being said, I'm horrible at naming boys and can hardly find a name I deem acceptable. If I ever truly fall in love with a boy name, I'd use it even if it were #1.
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    I agree with other berries that it depends. If one of my all-time favorites was #1, I would use it anyway, but I prefer to look outside Top 300 while searching for new names.
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