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    Does your name get shortened automatically?

    My name is Jessica and all my life people have called me Jess or Jessie from first meeting me. I'll introduce myself as Jessica but they'll still call me Jess or Jessie just because I have that kind of nick-nameable-name I guess. I don't mind at all, it actually feels like a kind of endearment when someone shortens my name, I just think it's interesting they take the initiative without any prompting. Do you ever get called nicknames by strangers or teachers you've just met etc? And do you mind?
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    My name is Candice, the only real nn you can use is Candy and most people (including myself) avoid it because its a stripper name
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    I usually get called Rachel but once in a while a random person will call me Rach. It usually throws me off but it doesn't bother me .

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    My name is actually a shortened version of several names, so I get the opposite. The most common response is: "Is that short for Eleanor or Elizabeth?" The weirdest I've gotten is Ellison. Ellison? Really? The only nickname I sort of get is Elle, but that's only if you're in a hurry.
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    My name is Toni and I get called Toe or Tone all the time. It just happens. The only one that really drove me crazy was a roommate that insisted on calling me Tone-tone.
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