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    Grandfather's Long Lineage - Initials CAF

    This grandpa (WHA) has been married three times. This is his lineage. Enjoy!
    (Black is generation 1, Teal is 2, Orange is 3, and Purple is 4)

    DH77 & exDW75: WHA & TIG
    DS54: OTA
    DD52: FPA
    DD49: RMA
    DS47: CBA
    DD44: IRA
    DS42: THA

    DH77 & DW68 (deceased): WHA & DAYA
    HerDS46: TAY
    herDD44: NSY
    DD39: BJA

    DH77 & DW60: WHA & VRA (R)
    HerDD39: SJC (father: KGC)
    HerDD37: BSC (father: KGC)
    DD34: CRA
    DS32: FBA
    DS30: EMA

    *DH54: OTA & DW50: IMA (D)
    **DD28: RGA
    **DS25: NGA
    **DD22: TSA
    **DW28: RGP (A) & DH30: MCP

    ***DD3: LBP

    *DW52: FPT (A) & DH55: GET

    **DS24: IKT

    *DW49: RMA (A) & DH49: SHA
    **DD25: PEA

    *DH47: CBA & DW44: PVA (B)
    **DD22: LHA
    **DS18: SHA
    **DS14: BDA

    *DW44: IRM (A) & DH45: TNM
    **DD23: AZM
    **DS20: INM
    **DD17: THM
    **DD14: FSM
    **DGF17: THM & DBF17: RGD

    ***DSxp: JXD

    *DH42: THA & exDW40: VLOG

    **DS17: IGPG
    **DS15: TRTG
    **DS11: HEGG

    *sameDH42: THA & DW37: BMD-A
    **herDD14: SAD
    **herDD11: CHD
    **DS8: ATA
    **DS6: TBA


    *DH46: TAY & DW41: MAY (K)
    **DD20: EJY
    **DS18: PTY
    **DS15: VTY
    **DS12: TRY

    *DW44: NSL (Y) & DH48: IAL
    **DS19: WHL
    **DD16: CRL
    **DS11: EGL

    *DW39: BJA-S & DW36: DIS-A

    **ADD10: CVA-S
    **ADS7: SVS-A


    *DW39: SJC & exDH41: MGN
    **DD18: EWN
    **DS/DS16: FHN/TLN

    same*DW39: SJCS & DH40: DSS
    **DD14: RES
    **DS10: GIS
    **DS8: MES

    *DW37: BSO (C) & DH42: SHO
    **HisDS22: WLO
    **DD15: PJO

    *DW34: CRE (A) & DH37: ANE
    **DS13: WHE
    **DD11: AFE
    **DD9: RPE
    **DS6: RRE
    **DS4: DVE
    **DD1: CTE

    *DH32: FBA & DW32: IMA (L)
    **DS/DS12: SVA/GNA
    **DD10: GWA
    **DS9: TRA
    **DD7: KOA
    **DD/DD4: MMA/KBA
    **DS2: PRA
    **DS/DSxp: KFA/NDA

    *DH30: EMA & DW27: HIA (V)
    **DD5: BQA
    **DD3: LZA
    **DDnb: TEA
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    My name is William Harold Alton and I’ve been married three times. I have 10 biological children and four step children plus many sons- and daughters-in-law. I have 55 grandchildren. I also have one great-grandchild and another one on the way. I am the most blessed man in the world.

    My first wife’s name is Tipper Ivory Greenfeld. We are still friends and had six beautiful children together many decades ago. Our children are: Oliver Tipton Alton (54), Fiona Paige Alton (52), Ruby Marcelline Alton (49), Cash Baxter Alton (47), Ivory Rose Alton (44), and Trevor Harold Alton (42). [[Will & Tippy + Ollie, Fi, Rue, Cash, Ivie, and Trev Alton]]

    Oliver (Ollie when he was little) is married to Isobel Maya Alton (Diaz) (50) and together they have three children – Reina Gabriella (28), Nolan Giorgio (25), and Tiana Sofia (22). Reina is my first grandchild to be married. Her husband is Mitchell Caplan Porter and together they had my first great-grandchild, Lia Bryn Porter, who is 3. [[Ollie & Issy + Reina, Nolan, and Tia Alton. | Reina & Mitch + Lia Porter]]

    Fi is married to Griffin Elias Travers and together they have a 24 year old named Isaac Kyle Travers who is in grad school. [[Fi & Griff + Ike Travers]]

    Rue is married to Simon Heyl Abingdon, a man from the UK. They have a 25 year old daughter named Primrose Elinor Abingdon, who is a kindergarten teacher. [[Simon & Rue + Prim Abingdon]]

    Cash is married to Paloma Vera Alton (Besos) and together they have three children. Lena Hazel is in college, Sutton Holt is starting college in the fall, and Beck Dexter is starting high school in the fall. [[Cash & Lo + Lena, Sutton, and Beck Alton]]

    Ivie is married to Theodore Nico Morris and the two have four children. Ashlyn Zadie is a physical therapist, Isley Nico is in college, Tatum Harper is in high school and Francesca Sue will be starting high school this fall. Tatum is also now with child with her boyfriend Ryan Gregory Day. The baby is soon to be here and will be named Joaquin Xavier Day. We are very excited to meet him. [[Ivie & Theo + Ash, Isley, Tatum, and Franky | Tatum & Ryan + Joaquin]]

    Trevor has been married twice. His first wife was a woman named Victoria Lynn Olivia Greeley. The two have three children – Ian Gunnar Pratt Greeley and Trenton Russell Trace Greeley are in high school and Hartley Evan Gale Greeley is heading into 6th grade. Trev is now married to a woman named Brigid Morganna Davenport-Alton. She had two children from a previous marriage – Stella Abigail Davenport is going into high school and Chloe Hannah Davenport is going into 6th grade. Trevor and Brigid have two more children, 8 year old Ansel Trevor and 6 year old Tucker Bram Alton. [[Trev Alton & Tori Greeley + Ian, Trent, and Hart | Trev & Brig Alton + Stella & Chloe Davenport + Ansel & Tucker Alton]]


    My second wife died from complications in delivering our child together and I will always love and miss her. Her name is Dahlia Alma Yao Alton. Dahlia had two children when we got married – 46 year old Taj Avi Yao and 44 year old Noelle Sage Yao. I love them and their families as my own. Our child together is Bella Joy Alton, who is 39. [[Will & Dahlia + Taj & Noelle Yao + Bella Alton]]

    Taj is married to a woman named Madeline Anna Yao (Kingsley) and they have four children. Esme Jaclyn is in college and Phelan Taj is going into college next fall. In high school is Vance Talbot and going into 7th grade is Titus Rhys. [[Taj & Madi + Esme, Phelan, Vance, and Ty Yao]]

    Noelle is married to a man named Ives Abner Lacey. Together they have a college aged son named William Harold Lacey (after me!), a child in high school named Cassia Ren, and a son entering 6th grade named Ezra Gable. [[Noelle & Ives + Will, Cass, and Ezra Lacey]]

    Bella is married to a woman named Davne Iris Stoddard and together they have adopted two beautiful children – a 10 year old girl named Calla Vienna Alton-Stoddard and a 7 year old son named Silas Vaughan Stoddard-Alton. [[Bella & Davne + Cally & Silas]]


    For 35 years, I have been married to the love of my life, Vera Rosamund Alton (Reeve). When I met Vera she had two of her own children whom I love as my own – Savannah Jane Carey (39) and Bristol Samarra Casey (37), both whom share the last name of their father Kellan Grisham Casey – the famous author, you may have heard of him. Vera and I have three children of our own as well – Channing Rosamund is 34, Felix Benjamin is 32, and Edwin Moses is 30. [[Will & Vera + Savannah & Bristol Casey + Channing, Felix, and Eddie Alton. ]]

    Savannah has been married twice. She and her first husband, Maxwell Garvey North, have a daughter going into college named Elizabeth Willow North and they have twin 16 year old boys named Faulkner Howe and Timothy Louis North. She is now married to a man named Donovan Satchel Shadid and the two have a 14 year old daughter named Rowan Eve, a son named Graham Ivan who is 10 and an 8 year old son named Marshall Elliott Shadid. [[Savannah & Max North + Beth, Faulkner, and Tim North | Savannah & Donny + Rowan, Graham, and Marshall Shadid]]

    Bristol is married to a man named Sullivan Hyatt Onassis. Sully had a son before they married whose name is Walden Luca and they now also have a 15 year old daughter named Piper June. [[Bristol & Sully + Walden & PJ Onassis]]

    Channing is married to a man named Austin Nigel Ellis and they have six lovely children. Willem Heyl is 13, Audra Faith is 11, Remy Presley is 9, Ripley Reid is 6, Daxton Vince is 4, and Camila Taye just turned 1. [[Channing & Austin + Billy, Audra, Remy, Ripley, Dax, and Mila Ellis]]

    Felix is married to a woman named Isla Mae Alton (Lucke) and they have 8 children with twins on the way – can you believe that?! Their twin boys are 12 now, Sawyer Victor and Grant Nathaniel. They have a 10 year old daughter named Gracelyn Winter, a 9 year old son named Tolliver Ross, a 7 year old named Kendall Olive, twin girls named Magnolia Mae and Kinsey Bree, a 2 year old son named Palmer Roderick and they’re expecting twin boys any day now named Kessler Felix and Noble Douglas. [[Felix & Isla + Sawyer, Grant, Gracie, Tolley, Kendall, Maggie, Kinsey, Palmer, Kessler, and Noble Alton]]

    Finally, Edwin is married to a nice girl named Hadley Imogen Alton (VanMaur) and they have three little ones. Belinda Quincy is 5, Lola Zoe is 3, and Teagan Eden is just born a few weeks ago. [[Eddie & Hadley + Lindy, Lola, and Teagan Alton]]

    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    DH77 & exDW75: Walter Henry Axel & Teresa Ileen Gerbert
    DS54: Oliver Thomas Axel
    DD52: Felicity "Lissie" Petunia Axel
    DD49: Rose Margaret Axel
    DS47: Charles "Charlie" Benjamin Axel
    DD44: Isabelle Renee Axel
    DS42: Theodore "Teddy" Harvey Axel

    ---Walter and Teresa with Oliver, Lissie, Rose, Charlie, Isabelle, and Teddy---

    DH77 & DW68 (deceased): Walter Henry Axel & Dorothy Anne Years Axel
    HerDS46: Tyson Andrew Years
    --DW41: Madeleine Amelia Years (Kuby)
    ----**DD20: Ella Jordan Years
    ----**DS18: Percy Tyson Years
    ----**DS15: Vincent Taylor Years
    ----**DS12: Trenton Rory Years
    herDD44: Nellie Samantha Lewis (Years)
    --DH48: Isaac Anthony Lewis
    ----**DS19: Weston Hector Lewis
    ----**DD16: Celeste Rosalynn Lewis
    ----**DS11: Elliot Graham Lewis
    DD39: Bethany Jane Axel-Shells
    --DW36: Daniella Iris Shells-Axel
    ----**ADD10: Charlotte Vesper Axel-Shells
    ----**ADS7: Stellan Victor Shells-Axel

    ---Walter and Dorothy with Tyson, Nellie, and Bethany---
    ----Tyson and Madeleine with Ella, Percy, Vincent, and Trenton----
    ----Nellie and Isaac with Weston, Celeste, and Elliot----
    ----Bethany and Daniella with Charlotte and Stellan----

    DH77 & DW60: Walter Henry Axel & Victoria "Vicky" Rachel Axel (Ryan)
    HerDD39: Sarah Joan Cassidy S (father: Kevin George Cassidy)
    --exDH41: Morgan Geoffrey Nike
    ----**DD18: Erika Willow Nike
    ----**DS/DS16: Fraser Heath Nike and Tennyson "Tennie" Lucas Nike
    *--DH40: Duncan Shia Silvers
    *----**DD14: Roux Erin Silvers
    *----**DS10: Gage Iago Silvers
    *----**DS8: Maine Elton Silvers
    HerDD37: Beatrice "Bea" Sylvia O (Cassidy) (father: Kevin George Cassidy)
    --DH42: Shane Holland Orson
    ----**HisDS22: Wade Louis Orson
    ----**DD15: Paisley Jeanette Orson
    DD34: Caroline Rebecca E (Axel)
    --DH37: Alexander Neville Ebertowski
    ----**DS13: Warren Houston Ebertowski
    ----**DD11: Aspen Fontana Ebertowski
    ----**DD9: Rain Phoenix Ebertowski
    ----**DS6: Roman Richmond Ebertowski
    ----**DS4: Dustin Vallejo Ebertowski
    ----**DD1: Corinn Tulsa Ebertowski
    DS32: Forrest Bernard Axel
    --DW32: Irene Miranda Axel (Ludwig)
    ----**DS/DS12: Soren Vance Axel and Gale Nuri Axel
    ----**DD10: Georgia Wednesday Axel
    ----**DS9: Tucker Riley Axel
    ----**DD7: Keira Olivia Axel
    ----**DD/DD4: Marnie Mavis Axel and Kinley Brianna Axel
    ----**DS2: Paxton Reese Axel
    ----**DS/DSxp: Kingston Finley Axel and Navy Damien Axel
    DS30: Edmund Michael Axel
    --DW27: Hestia Ingrid Axel (Vickers)
    ----**DD5: Boa Quinn Axel
    ----**DD3: Luau Zane Axel
    ----**DDnb: True Elaine Axel

    ---Walter and Vicky with Sarah, Bea, Caroline, Forrest, and Edmund---
    ----Sarah and Morgan with Erika, Fraser, and Tennie----
    ----Sarah and Duncan with Roux, Gage, and Maine----
    ----Bea and Shane with Wade and Paisley----
    ----Caroline and Alexander with Warren, Aspen, Rain, Roman, Dustin, and Corinn----
    ----Forrest and Irene with Soren, Gale, Georgia, Tucker, Keira, Marnie, Kinley, Paxton, Kingston, and Navy----
    ----Edmund and Hestia with Boa, Luau, and True----

    *DH54: Oliver Thomas Axel & DW50: Ivy Marissa Axel (Dirk)
    **DD28: Roxie Gwendolyn Axel
    --DH30: Matthew "Matt" Christopher Parker
    ----***DD3: Laila Brynn Parker
    **DS25: Nathaniel "Nate" Garrett Axel
    **DD22: Tessa Sophia Axel

    ---Oliver and Ivy with Roxie, Nate, and Tessa---
    ----Roxie and Matt with Laila----

    *DW52: Felicity "Lissie" Petunia Truman (Axel) & DH55: Gavin Edward Truman
    **DS24: Isaiah Kyle Truman

    ---Lissie and Gavin with Isaiah---

    *DW49: Rose Margaret Anderson (Axel) & DH49: Samuel "Sam" Harry Anderson
    **DD25: Penelope Eloise Anderson

    ---Rose and Same with Penelope---

    *DH47: Charles "Charlie" Benjamin Axel & DW44: Patricia Vallory Axel (Banks)
    **DD22: Lucy Hannah Axel
    **DS18: Simon Henry Axel
    **DS14: Brandon Daniel Axel

    ---Charlie and Patricia with Lucy, Simon, and Brandon---

    *DW44: Isabelle Renee Montoya (Axel) & DH45: Tomas Neruda Montoya
    **DD23: Adrianna Zoe Montoya
    **DS20: Ignacio "Iggy" Nelson Montoya
    **DD17: Talia Harper Montoya
    --DBF17: Ryder Gregory Davidson
    ----***DSxp: Jesse Xander Davidson
    **DD14: Florina "Lori" Sage Montoya

    ---Isabelle and Tomas with Adrianna, Iggy, Talia, and Lori---
    ----Talia and Ryder with Jesse----

    *DH42: Theodore "Teddy" Harvey Axel & exDW40: Vera Loretta Ottolie Gergich
    **DS17: Ian Gerald Patton Gergich
    **DS15: Tristan Ronald Tyler Gergich
    **DS11: Harrison Everett Gray Gergich

    DH42: Theodore "Teddy" Harvey Axel & DW37: Brenda Marie Dalton-Axel
    **herDD14: Sabrine Amity Dalton
    **herDD11: Clarisse Honor Dalton
    **DS8: Avery Trevor Axel
    **DS6: Tanner Basil Axel

    ---Teddy and Vera with Ian, Tristan, and Harrison---
    ---Teddy and Brenda with Sabrine, Clarisse, Avery, and Tanner---
    Christine Keira - Evangeline Briar - Aubrey Damaris - Maisie Bear - Adelaide Echo
    Juniper Solstice - Felicity Iris - Vesper Elemmírë - Emmeline Rose - Lyla Winter

    Nico Alexander - River Jackson - Westley Atticus - Lincoln Perseus - Emerson Cove
    Arthur Owen - Mason Blake - Everett Madden - Theodore Kingston - August Reuel

    Victor - Erasmus - Shai - Fyodor - Jonas / Lily - Kallan - Celestine - Astoria - Anwen

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    DH77: William Hampton Archer & exDW75: Tabitha Isolde Graceland
    DS54: Oscar Tobias Archer
    DD52: Francesca Penelope Archer
    DD49: Rosalie Minerva Archer
    DS47: Charles Benedict Archer
    DD44: Isolde Rhiannon Archer
    DS42: Theodore Hampton Archer

    DH77: William Hampton Archer & DW68 (deceased): Delilah Aurelia Yeats Archer
    HerDS46: Titus Arlo Yeats
    herDD44: Nessa Sybil Yeats
    DD39: Bianca June Archer

    DH77: William Hampton Archer & DW60: Vivian Rebecca Archer (MN: Rochester)
    HerDD39: Samantha Jane Coleman (father: Kurt George Coleman)
    HerDD37: Brooke Sarah Coleman (father: Kurt George Coleman)
    DD34: Clara Rebecca Archer
    DS32: Frederick Bennett Archer
    DS30: Emmett Matthew Archer


    *DH54: Oscar Tobias Archer& DW50: Ivy Matilda Archer (MN: Danube)
    **DD28: Rose Graceland Archer
    **DS25: Nikolas Gotye Archer
    **DD22: Tabitha Schuyler Archer
    **DW28: Rose Graceland Phillips (MN: Archer) & DH30: Michael Christian Phillips
    ***DD3: Louisa Beatrix Phillips

    *DW52: Francesca Penelope Tillman (MN: Archer) & DH55: Graham Everett Tillman
    **DS24: Ian Kelso Tillman

    *DW49: Rosalie Minerva Al-Jordani (MN: Archer) & DH49: Suleiman Hassan Al-Jordani
    **DD25: Petra Ella Al-Jordani

    *DH47: Charles Benedict Archer & DW44: Piper Vanessa Archer (MN: Benson)
    **DD22: Lucy Harriet Archer
    **DS18: Samuel HamptonSamArcher
    **DS14: Benedict DuncanBenArcher

    *DW44: Isolde Rhiannon MacAllister (MN: Archer) & DH45: Tavish Nolan MacAllister
    **DD23: Aria Zara MacAllister
    **DS20: Innes Nolan MacAllister
    **DD17: Tabitha Hampton MacAllister
    **DD14: Fiona Scarlett MacAllister
    **DGF17: Tabitha Hampton MacAllister & DBF17: Rylan Geroge Dane
    ***DSxp: Jameson Xavier Dane

    *DH42: Theodore Hampton Archer & exDW40: Victoria Lavinia Ophelia Granger
    **DS17: Ivan Gregory Philip Granger
    **DS15: Theodore Robert ThomasTheoGranger
    **DS11: Henry Edward Grant Granger
    *DH42: Theodore Hampton Archer & DW37: Bree Margaret Dukes-Archer
    **herDD14: Sadie Alice Dukes
    **herDD11: Chloe Heloise Dukes
    **DS8: Alexander Theodore Archer
    **DS6: Tristan Brian Archer


    *DH46: Titus Arlo Yeats & DW41: Mia Abilene Yeats (Keller)
    **DD20: Emmeline Jezebel Yeats
    **DS18: Phineas Titus Yeats
    **DS15: Valor Tiburon Yeats
    **DS12: Tybalt Romulus Yeats

    *DW44: Nessa Sybil Lincoln (MN: Yeats) & DH48: Isaac Andrew Lincoln
    **DS19: Wyatt Henry Lincoln
    **DD16: Celia Rosalind Lincoln
    **DS11: Eli George Lincoln

    *DW39: Bianca June Archer-Sylvan & DW36: Dana Isabeau Sylvan-Archer
    **ADD10: Cleo Violet Archer-Sylvan
    **ADS7: Samson Victor Sylvan-Archer


    *DW39: Samantha Jane Coleman & exDH41: Mitchell Gordon Norton
    **DD18: Evie Winona Norton
    **DS/DS16: Finn Hendricks Norton & Tate Levitt Norton
    *DW39: Samantha Jane Coleman St John & DH40: David Scott St John
    **DD14: Ruby Evelyn St John
    **DS10: Grant Ike St John
    **DS8: Miles Elliott St John

    *DW37: Brooke Sarah O’Murphy (MN: Coleman) & DH42: Sean Hilton O’Murphy
    **HisDS22: Watson Lorne O’Murphy
    **DD15: Phoebe Jane O’Murphy

    *DW34: Clara Rebecca Erskine (MN: Archer) & DH37: Abel Nelson Erskine
    **DS13: William Hampton Erskine
    **DD11: Adela Felicity Erskine
    **DD9: Rebecca Piper Erskine
    **DS6: Robert Rutherford Erskine
    **DS4: David Vaughn Erskine
    **DD1: Clara Talia Erskine

    *DH32: Frederick Bennett Archer & DW32: Isla Marianne Archer (MN: Lakeland)
    **DS/DS12: Seamus Viggo Archer & Graeme Nico Archer
    **DD10: Gemma Willa Archer
    **DS9: Tavish Ross Archer
    **DD7: Keira Ophelia Archer
    **DD/DD4: Mhairi Mae Archer & Katy Bea Archer
    **DS2: Philip Ruairidh Archer
    **DS/DSxp: Kent Frederick Archer & Nate Duncan Archer

    *DH30: Emmett Matthew Archer & DW27: Honor Isabelle Archer (MN: Van Dijk)
    **DD5: Beatrix Quinn Archer
    **DD3: Liese Zara Archer
    **DDnb: Tedde Elinor Archer
    Current Favorites:

    Sophie * Margaret * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Fife * Ailsa * Aurelia * Mae
    Grant * Samuel * Everett * Andrew * Graham * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Alasdair * Jude

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