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    Quinn Caroline sounds nice! I know they can be kind of boring but I think Quinn Elizabeth and Quinn Katherine work well too. Although Quinn Elizabeth sounds like Queen Elizabeth hmm...

    Quinn Margaret
    Quinn Samantha
    Quinn Josephine
    Quinn Juliet
    Quinn Violet
    Quinn Lilith
    Quinn Sarah
    Quinn Abigail
    Quinn Alexis

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    Sorry, but i dont like Caroline, I dont know. But I love Quinn in girls (sound like Queen)
    I think maybe:

    Quinn Charlotte
    Quinn Alexandra
    Quinn Alessandra
    Quinn Seraphina (I really love this name)
    Quinn Annabeth
    Quinn Lilibeth
    Quinn Charlize
    Quinn Josephine
    Quinn Abigail
    Quinn Noelle
    Quinntessa (yes, I think is diferent and very cool)

    I hope you like one xoxo

    January's mom♥

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    I actually quite like Quinn Caroline. I think Quinn might generally flow better with a two syllable middle name, but I do enjoy it with Caroline. Quinn Caroline. It's quite nice! Good choice.

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    I love. Quinn for a girl..

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    Hmm, both names are great, but they share an ending and an first sound (Q is "kw" and then C says "k").

    Quinn Adeline
    Quinn Carolina
    Quinn Charlotte
    Quinn Rosalie
    Quinn Rosemary

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