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    Extremely unique spellings of not so unique names?

    Hi berries-
    Just wondering if you've ever met or heard of extremely unique spellings of not so unique names. I'm curious because yesterday at a party, I met a little girl named: Elleighana (pronounced Eliana) What do you guys think of this spelling? I've seen names spelled with the "leigh" before, but they've been names like Ryleigh, Kaleigh, Haleigh... etc; they're not daringly 'out there'. Elleighana, on the other hand, is definitely somehting I've never heard of! Marveling about what your guys opinions are...?
    Best regards; Julia

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    Melyde, pronounced like Melody.
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    Hmm.. Melyde. On first sight, I would probably think it was pronounced mee-lid!

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    thank you!

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