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    I don't see how. By your logic, one should not need a gift to "push out a baby" (even though that isn't what a push present is), so why should a shower be any different? Shouldn't the parents be able to cover the costs of funding a newborn themselves?

    I don't know any woman who demanded a present. I certainly didn't. It was a token of love given to me by my husband to commemorate a new beginning for us. To suggest that a present was required for a woman to birth her children is not only illogical (no one can stop the birthing process, no matter how much they want to), it isn't very nice either.
    Not at all. A push present isn't a necessity to make having your first child easier. Having a baby shower simply lets friends and family give baby gifts to the new parents. I agree with the others in that the baby is enough of a push present.

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