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    Quote Originally Posted by taiki_bansei View Post
    I expect to be right in all disagreements basically forever after pushing :-P does that count?
    Lmao!!! I love this! I think this will be my push present hahaha
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    I think if the idea is to have something to pass down to each child someday, it's fine. Otherwise, I'm not a fan. I know people who pick out super expensive ones and who don't even really raise their own kids... that makes me sad. And I hate it when people refer to it as a "push" present when they had elective Cesareans. Doesn't even make sense.
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    I think it's a great idea to get ones partner something to commemorate a birth. Maybe a locket, or a rocking chair, if one feels so inspired. But the notion of an obligatory "push present" seems cheapening to me- turning a deep life passage into another opportunity for consumerism. And I object to the term "push present." The implication is, "I wrecked my vagina pushing your baby out, and I want a consolation prize."
    The baby is the prize!

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    I read an article about this recently that I thought stated it well:

    "I almost find it demeaning…as if some item, some material good, some PURCHASE could “thank me” for carrying and birthing a human being, for becoming a mother, for the courage and strength and power contained in a woman giving birth, could recognize the sacrifice I have made and will make for the rest of my life…and, perhaps most offensively, that this item would do so more powerfully than the child herself."

    Here's the link if anyone wants to check out the rest of the post; it's pretty awesome: The Push Present Post (as promised) - renegade mothering

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    OH MY. I doubt that my husband got me my "push present" thinking, "this is surely be more impressive & beautiful than that baby we're having." or "Well, this will even the score between us." or some such nonsense. So much sanctimommy happening here. To everyone who thinks that it's insane to enjoy a pricy gift or money would be better spent on a cleaning lady or anyone who enjoys a pretty token isn't enough of a martyr mommy, I feel sad for you.

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