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    Well, I've heard of push presents, but I think it's weird. But, then again, I think baby showers are weird (expecting your friends to pay for your baby equipment).
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    If someone got me a "push present" I'd want it to be a maid who comes to my house once a week - to help me clean up - for the next 18 years. Not a $1000 ring that's going to look pretty but be really useless in helping me take care of my child. (Yes I realize the maid would be way more expensive but dude wouldn't it be great to have someone do your laundry, clean your bathroom and vaccume your floors for you? Gives you more time with your kids, esp if you don't plan on being a stay home mom).
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    I received a lovely locket from my DH when I was in the hospital. DH was deployed at the time and wasn't at the birth so the locket was his only way to be part of the experience. I certainly didn't expect or demand any sort of tangible gift (a healthy baby was enough). The gesture was so sweet and thoughtful, but truth be told, I would have much rather had my DH home for the birth and the following six months of DS' life
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    My "push present" for Owen was our house! We closed on it about a month before he was born. With Lola, DH did surprise me with a pretty estate necklace that sort of matches my engagement ring. It wasn't terribly extravagant, and I certainly didn't expect it (I think he got flak from his sisters for not getting me any jewelry the first time!) I love the necklace and haven't taken it off once in the last year, although I'm always afraid Lolz is going to rip it right off my neck one of these days.

    What's gross is that, because I had a C-section (well, with both babies) my sister called it a "gash gift." Like, because I didn't push....*shudders*
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    My mom was given a ring with the gems for my brother and father's birth dates when my brother was born - another was added when I was born. I think it's an incredibly romantic gesture and shows a lot of universal love in a family. However, demanding or requesting the gift pretty much ruins the purpose and seems incredibly rude and needy to me.

    That being said, if my fiance were to give something to me to symbolize our child's birth I would probably be speechless, haha. It really is quite romantic. Though given the choice I would rather my fiance get a piece of jewelry or similar for a newborn daughter over me.

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