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    I've heard of it, and I guess I don't think of it as *that* unusual or greedy, but I wouldn't expect or really want one. People get gifts for other milestones, graduation, marriage, birthdays, etc...and I guess most shower gifts/baby presents are for the baby as opposed to mom.

    One of my SO's aunts brought me some jewelry she had made after I delivered our daughter. I thought that was really sweet, since she'd never even met me before. That was the only gift I received that wasn't baby-related.
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    My dad got my mum a sapphire and diamond ring when I was born. I don't think it was planned that way though, I feel it was more like, he remembered she'd seen it and liked it and bought it for her and then I happened to arrive around the same time. Their wedding anniversary is four days after my birthday

    It fits me now The sapphires and me being born in September was definitely a coincidence though! My dad wouldn't notice that kind of thing, lol.

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    I think the idea of a necklace with the baby's name or a birthstone ring is really sweet it was my friend's blatant expectation of a ~$1000 sparkle that took me by surprise, in my mind that's money that could go into a really good stroller or a bedroom set, different priorities I guess...

    ps maggiefromcanada thanks! I adore the names you've picked
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    I hope push presents don't become common. I think it is outrageous. The baby being born should be the gift for pushing. I think our culture is too focused on material consumption. Push presents seem as distasteful to me as cutting thanksgiving dinner short to camp out in front of Best Buy to get $5 Blu-Rays at midnight. Family should always matter more than shiny pretty things. This makes me sad.

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    My ideal "push present" (aside from the baby) would be for my husband to be able to breastfeed.
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