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    My husband gave me a necklace with our daughter's name and birthstone as a "push present". I wouldn't say I demanded one. I may have mentioned the idea of a push present, but he came up with the idea of what to get me completely on his own. He was so excited about it that he kept trying to give it to me before she was born. I do know some people who were furious their husband didn't get them anything, and I think that's a bit crazy!

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    For all we know the woman's husband brought her the catalog and asked her to circle things so he would have an idea of what she would like.

    Even if this does become a trend that you find distasteful, simply don't participate in it and you will be fine!

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    How terrible.. You arw able to give birth... THAT IS THE PRESENT!! I think this is greedy and frivolous...

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    I think a gift after giving birth is a lovely idea. Demanding one, on the other hand, is extremely rude.
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    I have heard of a push present but have never known a mom to actually get one. I think, as pp have said, a bit of jewelry with a birth stone would be a lovely surprise. But goodness. I can't imagine the luxury of having a few extra hundred laying around right after the baby least not in our little family.
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