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    I think they're sweet but kind of weird and definitely not for me. I made my SO promise not to get me anything besides a Hunters Club from Jimmy John's, but I got sick shortly after and didn't want solid food until around lunchtime the next day. I know it's cliche, but honestly after four hours of pushing, the baby (and getting to stop) really was the present.
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    While I think it's rather distasteful to EXPECT gifts for any occasion (including birthdays, holidays, important achievements, etc.), I have no problem with the concept of a push present or with a woman telling her husband what she likes if he intends to get her something.

    I don't really get what everyone's problem is with "the baby being the gift", of course the baby is the gift but if we're being honest the woman goes through a heck of a lot in order for the couple to even have a baby while men don't have to go through nearly as much, and so if her husband wants to show his appreciation then more power to them.

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    I think the title is what turns me off the most "push present". I think demanding a gift is snooty. Now I dont think its wrong for a husband or s/o to do it of their own goodhearted love and kindness. That's awesome. kudos to the partners that do. I would be pretty excited to get something out of the blue but I'd personally rather it not be right after giving birth unless it's a magic tea that makes me feel amazing for the next 2 weeks. I guess to sum up demanding or expecting a gift ruins the point of a gift.

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    When we brought my daughter home from the hospital recently my husband gave me a pair of earrings to commemorate our two lovely kids. I was delighted. The gift was not expected and I love him for it. He's not particularly romantic and I was very emotional. If we had more kids I wouldn't expect a gift (maybe a nice cuppa and a few biccies which is what I got when we brought my firstborn home!).
    To be fair I don't understand the baby shower thing.

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    I expect to be right in all disagreements basically forever after pushing :-P does that count?

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