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    Another vote for Astoria. Nirvana and Astoria sounds perfect together. Second choice would be Everdeen.
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    If you go with Aberdeen her nick name can be Dena which is super cute.
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    kala_way - Everdeen is certainly growing on me! My husband is all for using it and I might pluck up the courage and use it if she suits it when she's born. We'll see! Everdeen Tess and Everdeen Pearl are beautiful

    yolo199 - haha, glad that you like them! We get different reactions in real life, it's nice that everyone on here enjoys the names too!

    rosietoes - We love family names too, Nirvana is also a family name which we loved. Eva & Deenie are adorable nicknames, too! So cute. Atalanta is pretty, I don't think I've heard that before! We're definitely waiting till she is born so hopefully a name will just come to us like it did with our first! Your daughters both have beautiful names!

    c@29 - Thanks! Astoria is one of my favourites too, it's so pretty and goes perfectly with Nirvana.

    ninanoo - Dena is cute! I don't think we'll go with Aberdeen though due to the Kurt Cobain connection but if she suits it perfectly then we'll consider it!

    Thanks again, everyone!

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