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    Help expand our girls list! (Sibling for Nirvana)

    Same story as our boys thread, I'm having my baby via C-Section next thursday and we want to add some more names to our list for consideration. We chose our daughters name after she was born, and plan to do the same. Our daughters name is Nirvana Kate. We like uncommon middle names and also prefer normal/short/simple middle names. (Mainly so they have a more 'normal' name to fall back on, just in case!)

    Our girls list is currently:
    Aberdeen - Ok so this is also on the boys list (I prefer it for a boy), it's a family name that was used on both genders. I'm not a fan of the NN Abbie though so we probably wont use it as it will get shorted to that. We adore the nickname Birdie for it though.

    Everdeen - Too hunger games, we think. It's a shame because it's also a family name
    Lupine (Lu-Pin)

    But like I said in the boys thread I can't see us using any of these, none of them feel like the one. DH seems to think that we'll just know which one is right when we meet the baby but I'm pretty worried that we'll just settle on a name just because we have to, instead of choosing a name that we really love. (I'm probably being paranoid but I don't want to regret our childs name.)

    Middle name will either be Beth, Tess(a), Pearl, Rose or Eve. We're not sure which yet but it will be one of those.

    So what would you name a sister to Nirvana Kate? Throw some uncommon ones at us!

    Thanks! ))

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    I really like Aberdeen Tess nn Birdie! I think if you establish a nn and use it, others will follow instead of changing to Abbie. I also like Indigo Eve from your list.

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    I definitely would NOT use the name Aberdeen. If you have a girl named Nirvana, and another girl (or boy for that matter) named Aberdeen, people will probably immediately make the connection to Kurt Cobain (at least I did). If you didn't know, he was the lead singer of the band Nirvana, and he grew up in Aberdeen, Washington. Out of all the names on your list, I think Nirvana goes best with Astoria. Nirvana Kate and Astoria Pearl sound super cute, but they'll sound great too in the long run, and when your daughters are older.

    Best of luck, and congratulations on your impending bundle of joy!
    Best regards; Julia

    Persephone Kate ; Charlotte Delphine ; Evangeline Karys ; Clara Juliet ; Vera Madeleine

    Joseph Scott ; Christopher Callan ; Maxwell Finn ; Noel Carter ; James Nicholas

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    I like Everdeen. I think it's cool that it is a family name. Hunger games be damned!

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