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    gwensmom - thanks! I'm sure they would use the NN that we establish eventually! I love the NN Birdie too much to even consider letting it go, anyway! Indigo Eve is actually my husband's favourite combo right now, it's funny you should say that!

    raspberries18 - Oh my! Thanks for pointing that out! My husband is a fan of Nirvana but he doesn't know much about the band so he wouldnt have realised. I'm so glad you pointed it out! haha! We didn't name her after the band, its a family name but it seems a little themey to name her after the place where Kurt was from. Astoria Pearl is one of my favourites! It's so beautiful! Thanks!

    hollyrose - thank you! Indira & Juniper are both beautiful! My husband's late aunt is June so that would be a nod to her (we considered Junia/June but I never thought about Juniper, thank you!

    nopland - I wish I was brave enough, I really love it. My DH says it's silly of me to be so concerned about it considering that everytime we introduce our daughter, they say 'What? Like the band?' so we're pretty much used to comments like that! Maybe I'll be brave enough when she's born if she suits it (I wasn't sure about the name Nirvana either, until I met her).

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    southernbeauty - I love Xanthe, Lumina, Aspen, Paisley, Harlow, Roxana and Margot! Thank you!

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    from your list my favorites are Aberdeen, Everdeen, and Astoria. I really like the idea of Nirvana and Astoria as sisters.
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    I made the Aberdeen, Washington / Kurt Cobain connection as well. Maybe Amandine instead of Aberdeen? Or Aboline? I really think it's unusable with Nirvana unless super-fan is what you're going for. Maybe a name like Veda would work with Nirvana and take it to a less grungy & more spiritual kind of place? Maybe goddessy names like Isis would work? What aspect of Nirvana drew you to the name?

    I like January best of your list. My suggestions are:


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