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    I really like Heath. I don't care for Graham (maybe it's juvenile but all I can think of are graham crackers) and the others just don't appeal to me.

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    I like Graham and Grant the best. Both go well with Tristan and Miles. You have great taste in names!
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    Graham would be my choice. What about Graham Albert or Graham Jethro?

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    I love Graham!!! I like the similar Grant too. My third choice would be Reid. I don't like hank, jethro, or Albert.

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    Tristan and Miles are great names, and I think all of your choices are excellent. I think all of them fit very well the names of the children you already have.

    Heath -- Not my usual taste, but I like it. It's a bit softer but still solidly masculine, and definitely feels like an offbeat classic, which I love in a name.
    Graham -- I love the sound, but there's something about it that keeps me from loving it outright. I think it's that it sounds so similar to Grant...
    Grant -- And I love the name Grant. It's probably my #2 name for a boy right now. It's solid. It's classic. It's masculine. It's clean and sophisticated. It's got a bit more of an edge in it than Tristan and Miles, but all of them are so clean and classic that it fits right in.
    Reid -- Another name I love. I have no good reason, other than I used to know a kid named Reid who was the picture of All-American prep, and I thought the name just fit that image perfectly.
    Hank -- Would it be short for Henry or on it's own? I like Henry nn Hank a little better, but Hank still has a bit of old school charm that I like.
    Jethro -- Not a name I'd go with personally, but if I met a Jethro, I'd quite like the name. It's got a nice feel to it. A little old school, a little southern... I like it.
    Albert -- I don't adore it, but it's such a classic, you can't really go wrong. Got that regal vibe going on, too. And it sounds nice with Tristan and Miles.

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