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    Heath, Graham, Grant, Reid

    I'm having a hard time with names for a brother for my two sons Tristan and Miles. If baby is a girl she will be Eleanor or Juliet. For boys I like Heath, Graham, Grant and Reid. Also I really like Hank, Jethro and Albert(family name). I would be very thankful for your thoughts on these names.

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    I love Tristan and Miles! You have great naming taste!

    1 Graham - I think that this name is stylistically a great "fit" with Tristan and Miles.
    2 Reid - my second choice. Strong and masculine.
    3 Grant - this is third because it has too many letters similar to Tristan (the only letters not shared are "g", "i" and "s")

    Hank is too cowboy and nicknamey. Do you like Harry, Henry or Harold nn Hal? Albert sounds heavy next to your boys names so maybe keep it for a middle name. I love Jethro but it's very Biblical and sounds too Southern for a sibling. Heath is a little too contemporary sounding.
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    I also really like Tristan and Miles! I agree that Graham goes better with Tristan and Miles.

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    You have superb taste in names! I love both your sons' names as well as your girl choices. Out of your ideas for a baby boy, I like Graham and Reid best. Grant also works, but I slightly prefer Graham to Grant in general. I don't mind Heath, but I don't think it fits quite as perfectly with your sons' names--perhaps a bit too uncommon. I'm not fond of Hank or Jethro, but I think Albert could make a solid middle. Good luck!

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    I think Heath and Reid fit best with your sibset, and they're both lovely names.
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