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Thread: Merit Vs Meret

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    Jun 2013
    I prefer Merit too.

    I like the Egyptian link - to possibly the first recorded woman in science, and in fact was watching a documentary about Merit wife of Ramose a while ago and thinking 'ooh, Merit, that's actually a pretty name'.

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    Merit all the way!

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    Oct 2010
    When i first opened this thread, i was thinking Meret, but reading everyone's reasons for loving Merit has converted me- i'm team Merit too!
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    Feb 2013
    I just assumed they were pronounced MEH-rit/ret. I think I prefer Merit with Rowan.

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    Nov 2011
    I prefer Merit, which I love. Meret feels more confusing and remote. Merit, cause it's a word name, is more familiar & down-to-earth feeling for me. I like that it's rare, but doesn't feel stuffy or strange. I say it like it rhymes with ferret. The name makes me think of Girl Scouts & has a 50's vibe unlike most virtue names that feel wayyy older & Puritan to me.

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