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    Names other than Elizabeth that could use nickname Zibby?

    Hi - We are expecting a baby in December and I think we have the boy name settled, but cannot come up with a girl name. I would like to use Edith in the middle to honor my grandmother and I love the name Elizabeth nn Zibby but can't use it (and don't like Elizabeth Edith). Any ideas on how to get to Zibby with another name? Isabel (and all forms) is off the table(neighbors, family members and our cat are named Isabel).

    Not too concerned about sibset because my step kids and biologicals already have VERY different styles, but my youngest Arden "Birdie Mae" will be a full sister and very close in age with this one if that helps.
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    I never heard of the nn Zibby but maybe Isabella or Isabelle could be a formal name for the nick name Zibby
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    What about Beatriz or Beatrice?

    Alternatives are Zainab and Zenobia, but they may be a little exotic.

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    The only names i can think is Zibiah and Zenobia .Sorry

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    My first thought was Tabitha for some reason. I've heard Tibby for Tabitha, so why not Zibby?

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