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Thread: Emerett?

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    While I'm usually not a fan of made-up names, I actually rather like Emerett! I do prefer Everett, or even Emmett (Everett is by far my favorite boys' -ett name, but Emmett's not too far behind!), but I think I would be quite happy to meet a little Emerett.
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    I think it's kind of cool, but I prefer Everett, Emmett, etc. I've heard of Emerick being used because it was a family surname, so I think Emerett would work just as well.

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    Thanks for the opinions everyone! I hadn't made The United Arab Emirates connection! that would be a little weird..... Anyway, Everett and Emrys are still my favorites, but for a minute there I thought I'd had a stroke of genius with Emerett.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    I'll disagree with everyone else. Emerett doesn't stand out at all. It blends in with all of the Everett, Emmett, and Emerson's but looks kind of tacky because it's made up and trying to look cool.

    People will always think an Emerett is saying that his name is Emmett.
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    How about Emeric? Similar sounding and a legit name

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