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    PLEASE HELP! Doubtful about this name choice.

    Okay berries... so, I love the name Evangeline, especially for it's nicknames like Evie, Eva, Eve, Angel, etc. I also love it because of it's timeless beauty and how it sounds so elegant. The middle name I'm thinking of is Karys... (Carys with a 'k') The reason I want to spell it with a K is because my mother's middle name is "Kay". Also, Karys is great because my father's initials are RS. So I get the k, a, and y in there, and also the initials of my father. Is this ode to family too unrecognizable? Should I ditch the idea and use a different middle? Thank you so much, all suggestions are welcome.

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    Aww...very sweet! Your explanation for why you like Karys as a middle name is well thought out and that's special! Whether or not others will realize the connection, the fact you definitely put a lot of thought into it is important! Plus, the flow of Evangeline Karys sounds very elegant as you mentioned! Best wishes!
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    I love the name Evangeline Karys. Ordinarily I'd prefer the Carys spelling, but it makes sense in your case to use "K" to honour your mother. In terms of whether the honouring is recognizable, it really depends on what you want. It's definitely not obvious; Kay is close to Karys for those who know your mom's middle name, and RS might not be obvious unless you explain it, BUT the point is whether or not your parents feel honoured. If you explain it to your mom, dad, immediate family, and to your daughter, then it doesn't really matter if it's recognizable to anyone else.
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    I think it works..... your family will know and anyone else who asks, just say it's a combination of your mother's mn and your father's initials. I can't imagine why anyone would have anything bad to say about that!
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    Thank you!

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