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    Dec 2009
    LN: Wright

    DH: Desmond Christopher
    DW: Gemma Evrose

    1. Emmett Henry/Piper Eloise
    Emmett is anxious and hard-working while Piper is affectionate and stubborn. When they were little, Emmett's favorite toy was a play kitchen and Piper loved her flute. As a teenager, Emmett developed a love for films, his twin sister for photography. Emmett got a degree in English and works as an editor. Piper did not go to college and has a career in retail industry.
    Emmett got married and now has two kids with his wife, Marie: Archer Eliot and Eliza Anne.
    Piper did not get married and so far has no children.

    2. Zoe Adelaide
    Zoe is artistic and impulsive. Her favorite childhood toy was a stuffed hedgehog. She used to kick ass at football as a teenager. Zoe's major was communications and now she works as an actress.
    Zoe is not yet married. She does not have any children.

    3. Owen Phineas
    Not unlike his sister Piper, Owen is affectionate and stubborn. His favorite childhood toy was a doll's house. As a teenager, his hobby were computer games. Owen's major was criminal justice, now he works as a detective.
    Owen is not married and has no kids.

    4. Morgan Sonnet/Rory Holiday
    Morgan is very introverted and dependable, while Rory is very affectionate and stubborn like her sister Piper and brother Owen. Morgan loved play-doh the most when she was little and Rory loved to play kitchen with Emmett. Morgan preferred bike riding as a teenager, while Rory played football with her sister Zoe. Morgan's major was in engineering, she works as an architect, while Rory's was education and now she works as a grade school teacher.
    Morgan is married and has two children with her husband, Felix: Freya Ruby and Ismay Louise.
    Rory is married and has four children with her husband Hank: Max Arthur, Gus Barry, Sam Charles and Ivy Daphne.

    5. Flynn Josiah
    Although some may call Flynn "boring", he is very sympathetic. His favorite toy was a bouncy ball. As a teenager, he was good at basketball. His major was also criminal justice and he works as a police officer.
    Flynn is married and has three kids with his wife Penny: Flynn Josiah, Penny Jane and Maisie Joan.

    6. Dexter Amos
    Dexter is as anxious and hard-working as his older brother Emmett. His favorite toy was puzzle. He played tennis as a teenager. Dexter's major was engineering and he works as an architect with his sister, Morgan.
    Dexter is married and has two kids with his husband, Oliver: Rosalind Bay and Frederick Amos.

    7. Ariel Violet/Vivian Mae
    Ariel is somehow bossy and very sociable, while Vivian is artistic and impulsive. Ariel's childhood toy of choice was legos, Vivian's paint. Ariel's main interest as a teenager was singing. Vivian's was computer games. Ariel did not go to college and is now a singer, Vivian's major was computer science and now she works as a software engineer.
    Ariel is married and has two kids with her husband, Antoine (they married very young): William Henry and Lucas Anthony.
    Vivian is not married but has one child which she had as a teenager, named Ada Lovelace.

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    LN: Rowland

    DH: Garrett Lynne, doctor, New York City, New York
    DW: Sarah Ann, biologist, New York City, New York

    DD: Andrea Bayle ;; Introverted & Dependable ;; Monopoly ;; Photography ;; Nursing, ER Nurse ;; Single ;; 1 kid
    DD: Ariel Oceane ;; Boring & Sympathetic ;; Paint ;; Soccer ;; Political Science, politician ;; Married ;; 2 kids

    DS: Shea Poe ;; Bossy & Sociable ;; Bouncy Ball ;; Basketball ;; Political Science, politician ;; Married ;; 3 kids

    DS: Cody Cadence ;; Boring & Sympathetic ;; Pictionary ;; Computer Games ;; Computer Science, programmer ;; Single

    DD: Delaney Cecilia ;; Bossy & Sociable ;; Soccer Ball ;; Soccer ;; English, journalist ;; Married ;; 5 kids

    DS: Dexter Asher ;; Bossy & Sociable ;; Teddy Bear ;; Cheerleading ;; Education, College Prof ;; Married ;; 2 kids

    DD: Monroe London ;; Bossy & Sociable ;; Blocks ;; Running ;; Psychology, therapist ;; Single
    DD: Noelle Quinn ;; Boring & Sympathetic ;; Kitty Plushie ;; Basketball ;; Computer Science, web developer ;; Married ;; No kids

    DS: Finn Free ;; Introverted & Dependable ;; Big red ball ;; Dance + Singing ;; English, editor ;; Married ;; 4 kids

    DD: Rory Maude ;; Bossy & Sociable ;; Game of Life ;; Acting ;; Criminal Justice, detective ;; Single

    DS: Emmett Reed ;; Affectionate and Stubborn ;; Legos ;; Basketball ;; Education, grade school teacher ;; Married ;; 2 kids
    DS: Elliot Dominic ;; Introverted & Dependable ;; Doll house ;; Football ;; Business, accountant ;; Married ;; No kids

    I think they're mainly like me. c:
    My name is Sarah Ann.
    I am 18 years old.

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    LN: O'Connor

    DH: Shay Cathal
    DW: Eleanor Camilla "Ellie"

    4 pregnancies

    Pregnancy #1: Twin boys
    Sawyer Oak, artistic and impulsive.
    Favourite childhood toy: Legos
    Favourite teenage interest: Running
    Majors in bussiness. Works as a financial planner.
    He doesn't get married but has one kid, a little girl.

    Seth Chance, introverted and dependable.
    Favourite childhood toy: soccer ball
    Favourite teenage interest: Bike riding
    Majors in english. Works as an editor.
    Gets married but has no kids.

    Pregancy #2: Girl
    Peyton Emma, anxious and hard working
    Favourite childhood toy: blocks
    Favourite teenage interest: film
    Majors in education. Works as a college professor.
    Doesn't get married.

    Pregnancy #3: Boy
    Finn Asher, bossy and sociable.
    Favourite childhood toy: cars
    Favourite teenage interest: basketball
    Majors in criminal justice. Works as a detective.
    Get married and has three kids, two boys and a girl.

    Pregnancy # 4 : boy
    Tyler Logan, bossy and sociable
    Favourite childhood toy: monopoly
    Favourite teenage interest: soccer
    Majors in Computer Science. Works as a web developer.
    Gets married and has two kids, both girls.
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Jun 2012
    LN: Evans

    DH: Samuel Peter "Sam"
    DW: Georgia Bee

    DD: Madison Piper

    DD: Kennedy Lux

    DS/DS: Max Hudson & Flynn Gabriel

    DD/DD: Hunter Gevevieve & Riley Evangeline

    Madi is affectionate and stubborn. Her favourite toy is her play kitchen. When she's a teenager, she loves cheerleading. In college, she majors in Computer Science. She then works as a software engineer. Madi doesn't get married, but adopts two children from Nepal, Corban and Gracie.

    Kennedy is anxious and hardworking. As a child, she loved puzzles, and when she was a teenager loved films. Kennedy decided not to go to college and works as a singer. Kennedy isn't married but lives with her boyfriend Noel. They have no kids.

    Max is artistic and impulsive. He loved action figures and bike riding. Max started a Political Science degree, but dropped out to join the military. Max is married to Jodie and has 3 kids, Olivia, Silas and Julian.

    Flynn is bossy and sociable. He loved cars and baseball growing up, and went on to major in Criminal Justice, and now works as a detective. Flynn is not married, but has two kids, Leo and Marine.

    Hunter is affectionate and stubborn, like her older sister. She loved puzzles and baseball from playing with her sister, Kennedy and her brother, Flynn. In college, she majored in Education, and now works as a grade school teacher. Hunter is not married.

    Riley is anxious and hardworking, like her older sister Kennedy. She loved cars and films growing up, and studied Engineering at college, and now works as an architect. Riley is married to Ben with two year old triplets, Indigo, Boyd and Mia.

    Sam & Georgia: Madi (37), Kennedy (33) , Max & Flynn (30), Hunter & Riley (28)
    Madi (37): Corban Kyle (2) and Gracie May (1)
    Max (30): Olivia Jade (7), Silas Moroccan (4), Julian Weber (2)
    Flynn (30): Leo Carpenter (6), Marine Sylvia (4)
    Riley (28): Indigo Delilah, Boyd Carter & Mia Kennedy (2)
    ○ chelsea ○ eighteen ○ australia ○

    ○ Margot Amelia ○ Estelle India ○
    ○ Leila Olivia Isobel Zoe Eva ○

    ○ Edward Alexander ○ Archer Sebastian ○
    ○ Maxwell Hunter Flynn Noah Jack ○

    ○ current combo crush ○
    ○ Leila, Flynn and Zoe ○

    ○ please vote on my NEW nameslist here

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    Oct 2012
    Upstate NY
    LN: Robinson
    DH: Eugene Gabriel (58)
    DW: Honora Louise (56)

    DS: Douglas Knox "Doug" (34) is introverted and dependable. His favorite toy as a kid was Play-Doh. As he got older he really got into baseball. Now Doug works as a police officer. Doug and Judy Delilah have been dating for eight years and they have a daughter together named Lola Grace (7).

    DD: Andrea Brooke "Andy" (32) is artistic and impulsive. She loved to play with Barbies when she was little. Andy began taking dance lessons as a teenager. She majored in engineering and has a job as an architect.

    DD: Zoe Madison (31) is artistic and impulsive. She loved playing Barbies with Andy. Zoe took up tennis as a hobby that she played with her dad. Zoe is now working as a private detective.

    DD: Vivian Amabel "Viv" (29) is introverted and dependable. Vivian used to love finger painting when she was small, but really got into sculpture as she got older. She loves her new job as a public relations manager. She married Christopher Lucas Ewan four years ago and has two lovely boys: Rupert Eugene (3) & Clyde Lysander (2).

    DS: Seth Lemuel (28) is anxious and hardworking. Seth used to love playing with his toy kitchen "like mommy." Although it can be nerve wracking for him, Seth loves being on stage acting in front of an audience. He now works as a software engineer. Seth is now a widower after losing the love of his life Catherine Gail. Together they had three beautiful children Ashley Marie (6), Nathan Miles (5), & Thomas Maxwell (5).

    DS: Owen Ezra (23) is introverted and dependable. He used to and still does enjoy putting puzzles together. Owen followed in Seth's footsteps and also enjoyed acting in Drama Club. Owen dropped out of college to follow his dream of becoming a famous singer/songwriter. Owen is currently engaged to his partner Nikolai Lorenzo.
    Mommy to my sweet Alice Caroline 2016
    Expecting #2 May 2018

    Clara ~ Mary ~ Matilda ~ Vivian ~ Jane ~ Ruby
    Honor Middles: Linda, Audrey, Elizabeth, Michelle

    Oliver ~ Thomas ~ Peter ~ John ~ Henry ~ Joseph
    Honor Middles: Daniel, Frederik, Allen, Vance

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