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    Noah Chance is anxious and hardworking. His favourite "toys" were always picture books; he read from a young age. As he grew older, he grew a passion for bicycle riding. He majored in political science and became a high-profile lawyer. He is married to April Mirielle, though they have no children.

    Sawyer Milo & Camden Levi are twins. Sawyer is affectionate and stubborn, and his favourite toys are puzzles. He also enjoys tennis. He majored in business, and currently works at an accounting firm. He is currently in a serious relationship with, but not yet married to, Leslie Elisabeth.
    Camden is bossy and sociable, and liked playing with cars as a child. He is an excellent soccer player. He majored in education, and works as a tour guide. He is single, though he has three children (with three separate mothers); Everly Harp, Riley Margaret, and Paxton Maddox.

    Max Gabriel is also anxious and hardworking. He enjoyed board games when he was younger, and played on a baseball team in high school. He majored in English, and is currently a journalist. He is dating a young woman named Lily Rebecca.
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    LN: Morton

    DH: Michael Wilson 26
    DW: Brittany Annette 24

    Roll the dice for how many pregnancies you have. 5

    Twins: Girls (4) Charlie Lynn ( Artistic & Impulsive) ( marker/ paint) (film) (Married) &&&& Chelsea Brooke (Bossy & Sociable) (barbie) (cheer leading) (Majors in Pre Physical Therapy. Works as a physical therapist) (Married) (Has 2 kids--boys-- named Courtland James & Braxton Cade)

    Boy (1) Carter Preston (Affectionate & Stubborn) (bouncy ball) (basketball) (Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a detective/police officer/body guard.) (Married) (Has 2 girls named Casey Paige & Cali Payton)

    Boy (10) Riley Taylor (anxious and hardworking) (blocks) (computer games) (Majors in English. Works as a(n) librarian/journalist/editor.) (Doesnt marry)

    Boy (7) Hunter Jude (boring & sympathetic) (action figure) (tennis) (Majors in Psychology. Works as a social worker/school psychologist/therapist.) (Doesnt marry) (Has 1 kid named Harvey Jackson)

    Girl (2) Mackenzie Blake (Anxious & hardworking) (stuffed animal dog) (running) (Majors in Nursing. Works as a(n) pediatric nurse/ER nurse/rehabilitation nurse.) (Gets married) (Has 1 kid named Madeline Faith)

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    LN: Powers

    DH: Judson Cole
    DW: Marissa Day

    Baylee Alexis *Bay* Powers DesLauriers- affectionate and stubborn, crayons, soccer, Majors in Engineering. Works as a research scientist. Gets married
    -DH: Fraser Colin DesLauriers
    --DS: Barrett Owen DesLauriers
    --DS: Mercer Dylan DesLauriers
    Elliot Asher Powers - anxious and hardworking, play-doh, tennis, Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a detective. Does not marry
    Tyler Amity Powers - affectionate and stubborn, Sorry, softball, Majors in English. Works as a journalist. Does not marry
    --DS: Grayer Evan Powers
    --DS: Zajac Everett Powers
    --DD: Isabeau Evelyn *Iso* Powers
    --DS: Quade Evander Powers

    Judson & Marissa with Bay, Elliot, and Tyler
    Bay & Fraser with Barrett and Mercer
    Tyler with Grayer, Zajac, Iso, and Quade
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    LN: Mitchell

    DH: Nathaniel Drew Mitchell. Age 65. Retired; Worked as an occupational therapist
    DW: Sofia Rose Mitchell. Age 66. Retired; Worked as a nurse.

    Noah Simon Mitchell is 42 years old. His personality is bossy and sociable. His favorite toy as a child was his action figure. As a teenager, Noah loved to play tennis. He went to college and majored in English and works as a journalist. When he was 25, he married his longtime girlfriend Hanna June Baker. They have 5 kids. Their oldest is a 13 year old boy named Brett Owen Mitchell. 3 years later, they had their now 10 year old daughter Katherine Louise Mitchell. 8 years later, they gave birth to their now 2 year old b-b-g triplets named Thomas Henry Mitchell, Simon Ezekiel Mitchell, and Lucy Joanna Mitchell.
    *Noah, Hanna, Brett, Katie, Thomas, Simon & Lucy*

    Logan Oliver Mitchell is 40 years old. His personality is anxious and hardworking. His favorite toy as a child was all the puzzles he had. As a teenager, Logan loved photography. In college, he majored in education, and has worked as a 3rd grade teacher since he graduated. When he was 30, he married his long term partner Alexander Nate Parker. They have adopted 2 daughters since marrying. They have 6 year old Amelia Drew, adopted at birth, and 3 year old Liliana Rose.
    *Logan, Alec, Amelia & Lily*

    Hunter Drew Mitchell is 40 years old. His personality is affectionate and stubborn. As a child, he was always drawing or painting on something. As a teenager, you would always find him on the stage, singing and acting. He went to college and majored in communications and becomes what he's always dreamed of- an actor. He never marries, but he does have 1 child with a girl he had a fling with back in college. His son Jensen Isaiah Thomas is 14 and adores his father.
    *Hunter & Jensen*

    Dean Landon Mitchell is 37 years old. His personality is introverted and dependent. As a young boy, his favorite toy was his big yellow Tonka truck. As a teenager, Dean loved baseball. He majored in business in college and now works as an accountant. He married his college love Natalie Jane Fitzgerald. He has 4 kids, but one of them was before he was with Natalie and he made a dumb mistake at age 17. His daughter, Harper Lynn Adams, is 20 years old. His 1st child with Natalie is 5 year old Joel Emmett Mitchell. 3 years later, their now 2 year old son Gabriel Owen Mitchell was born. They just recently gave birth to their first daughter together, whom they named Zoe Genevieve Mitchell.
    *Dean, Natalie, Harper, Joey, Gabe, & Zoe*

    Finn Elliot Mitchell is 35 years old. He is a very affectionate yet stubborn man. As a child, his favorite toy was his set of toy drums. As a teenager, Finn enjoyed film, and all the different aspects of it. He majors in engineering in college and now works as an architect. Finn marries his best friend, Olivia Rose Johnson and they have 1 child, with one on the way. They have a 3 year old daughter named Jenna Lou Mitchell. They are planning on naming their soon-to-be son Theodore James.
    *Finn, Olivia, Jenna & Theo*

    Noelle Ruby Faith Watson is 34 years old. She is an introverted and dependent person. As a child, her soccer ball was always her best friend. As a teenager, she continued to love soccer. She went to college and majored in education and now works as a college professor. Just 3 years ago, she married her soul mate Jeremiah Lee Watson. They only have 2 children, and aren't planning to have anymore. They have 3 year old twin boys named Jakob Levi Watson & Micah Lewis Watson.
    *Ellie, Jeremiah, Jake & Micah*

    Madison Lux Grant is 32 years old. Her personality could be described as boring and sympathetic. Her favorite toy as a child was her crayons and paint. But as a teenager, Maddie loved being on her varsity cheer squad. She majors in criminal justice and becomes a leading detective of her squad. She married her partner Eleanor Jane Grant, age 33. They have 1 son who is 3 months old named Jace Dakota Grant.
    *Maddie, Ella, & Jace*

    Tristan Poe Mitchell is 30 years old. His personality is anxious and hardworking. His favorite toy as a child was his Play-Doh. As a teenager, Tristan loved bike riding. In college, Tristan majored in engineering and is now working as a civil engineer. He hasn't married and isn't planning on settling down any time soon. He does have 3 children from previous flings with different women. His 5 year old son is named Henry Tristan Drake. Tristan's 3 year old daughter is name Amaya Rose Williams. His 1 year old son is named Koby Allen Tucker.
    *Tristan, Henry, Maya, & Koby*

    Emmett Tobias Mitchell is 28 years old. His personality is introverted and dependent. His favorite toy as a child was his books (even though they aren't really toys). As a teenager, Emmett loved basketball. In college, he majored in psychology and now works as a social worker. He married a beautiful woman by the name of Sara Noelle Keith and they had 3 children before Sara was tragically diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and passed away when their youngest was just 1 year old. Their eldest are their 4 year old girl/boy twins named Cadence Marie & Tobias Jude Mitchell. Their youngest is 2 year old Bennett Oliver.
    *Emmett, Sara (R.I.P), Cady, Toby & Ben*

    Piper Lark Thompson is 27 years old. Her personality is bossy and sociable. Her favorite toy as a child was her teddy bear named Cuddles. As a teenager, Pip enjoyed everything that had to do with photography. She majored in psychology just like her brother Emmett and is also working as a social worker. She married her longtime boyfriend Harry Xavier Thompson. They have 3 month old boy/girl twins they named Blaise Alexander & Dahlia Rose.
    *Pip, Harry, Blaise & Dahlia*

    Tyler Jonas Mitchell is 25 years old. He is bossy and sociable. As a child, his favorite toy was always his basketball. He took that thing everywhere. His love for basketball carried into his teenage years. In college, he majored in computer science and now works as a software engineer. He is married to his soul mate Sophia Brynn Gomez. They have 2 children: 2 year old Landon Joel & 6 week old Samuel James.
    *TJ, Sophia, Landon & Sammy*

    Delaney Lydia Harrison is 25 years old. Her personality is artistic and impulsive. As a child, she was always building different things out of building blocks and Legos. As a teenager, Lane fell in love with softball. In college, she majored in English and works as a journalist, just like her eldest brother Noah. She married her best friend Benjamin Oliver Harrison. They have 1 child, a 5 month old baby girl named Gemma Lou Anne Harrison.
    *Lane, Ben & Gemma*
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    DH: Ryan Eli Roberts
    DW: Hailey Michelle
    The Roberts live in Portland, Oregon.
    Ryan is a dentist and Hailey is wedding planner.

    DS: Blake Ryan
    DS: Charlie Ray
    DD: Skye Kenzie
    DS: Flynn Noah
    DD: Brooklynn Raine
    DS: Hudson Elliott
    DD/DD: Alexis Quinn & Avery Noelle
    DS/DD: Kyle Tristan & Kennedy Shay
    DS: Owen Bryce
    DS: Max Aiden

    Blake Ryan Roberts is bossy & sociable. As a child he enjoyed playing Football. This continued into his teenage years and played football in high school and in college. While in college he majored in Engineering and now works as an architect. He get married to Lindsey Danielle. Together they have 4 kids. Micah Louis, Olivia Rose, Ethan Christopher, Jennifer Arielle.

    Charlie Ray Roberts is bossy & sociable. As a kid he had a stuffed monkey named Otto he took everywhere with him. While a teenager he took up photography. In college Charlie majored in Criminal Justice and now works as a detective for the Seattle Police Department. He is married to Emily Noelle. They have 2 kids together Lucy Michelle & Taylor Elizabeth.

    Skye Kenzie Fitzpatrick (Roberts) is both Artistic & Impulsive. As a kid she loved playing with Barbies. In high school Skye was the Varisty basketball team. She attended college where she majored in Computer Science. She is now working as a software engineer at Mircosoft. She Married Anthony Lee Fitzpatrick. They have 6 kids together. Twins Kaia Lynne & Kenzie Zayne, Bryson River, Ford Luca, Kylan Rashid, Talia Reid.

    Flynn Noah Roberts is anxious & hardworking. When he was young he love playing with Play-Doh. Taking after Charlie, Flynn also became a great photographer as a teenager. He decided not to go to college. And works as a singer on a cruise ship. He is engaged to Logan Tyler Banks.

    Brooklynn Raine Perkins (Roberts) is bossy but sociable. She played Volley Ball in elementary and middle school but in high school and college switched to cheerleading. Getting a cheerleading scholarship to college, she majored in Communications. She now works in Los Angeles as a Public Relations Manager. Brooklynn is married to Jesse Thomas Perkins. They have 2 kids, Jack Nathaniel & Kate Eleanor.

    Hudson Elliott Roberts is boring & sympathetic. As a kid he enjoyed playing with his Spider Man Action Figure. In high school he was on the basketball team. He then went to college in Puerto Rico and majored in Nursing. He is now a pediatric nurse. He married Vanessa Ana Vazquez. They have 4 kids together Antonio Carlos, Ana-Maria Louisa, Diego Julian, Sofia Josephine.

    Alexis Quinn Martin (Roberts) & Avery Noelle Crane (Roberts) are as close as two people can be. They are both affectionate & stubborn. As kids they used to pretend to be in a band, Alexis would play guitar and Avery would play drums. They were both very good Tennis players and played in college. They both majored in Marine Biology. Alexis focused on dolphin training where Avery focused on whale training. Alexis married James Ryan Martin. They have 2 sons Liam Ryan Martin & Rhys Ellis Martin. Avery married Ethan Josiah Crane they have a daughter Chloe Ariana.

    Kyle Tristan Roberts is artistic & impulsive. He loved football and played from when he was in diapers all the way thru high school. He did not get recruited to play college football and decided to join the Army instead of going to college. Kyle is married to Rachel Joanne McKinley. They have a son, Kyle Tristan Roberts, Jr. Kyle's twin is Kennedy Shay Jenson-Roberts. She is anxious & hardworking. When she was a kid she loved playing football with Kyle. In high school she went from playing to cheering. She got a college scholarship for cheerleading. She majored in communications and works as a news reporter in Portland. She is married to Paige Victoria Jenson-Roberts. They adopted 3 kids together, Ezra Michael, Ellie Marie, Emily Katherine.

    Owen Bryce Roberts is affectionate & Stubborn. He is very creative and loved coloring with crayons as a child. He then got really interested in art and paintings throughout his teenage years. He went to design school and majored in Graphic Design. He is now a website designer and paints in his free time. He is married to Joanna Tye Hayes. They have 3 kids, twins Theo Elijah & Tia Elizabeth, and Ian Thomas.

    Max Aiden Roberts is introverted but very dependable. He loved playing with toy cars as a child. He played basketball in high school but wasn't very good. He succeeded in college and majored in psychology. He know works as a therapist. He is married to Molly Helen. They have 5 kids together, Camden James, Triplets Jaylen Stella & Ashton Parker & Raegan Brynn, and Aspen Sophia.

    Micah, Olivia, Ethan, Jennifer, Lucy, Taylor, Kaia & Kenzie, Bryson, Ford, Kylan, Talia, Jack, Kate, Antonio, Ana-Maria, Diego, Sofia, Liam, Rhys, Chloe, Kyle Jr., Ezra, Ellie, Emily, Theo & Tia, Ian, Camden, Jaylen & Ashton & Raegan, Aspen

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