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    LN: Atwood

    DH: Shane Warren; 60; police officer
    DW: Autumn Taylor (née Levine); 56; event planner

    DS: Ryan Noah; 34
    - Personality: Affectionate and Stubborn
    - Favorite Toy: Action Figure
    - Teenage Interest: Baseball
    - Major: Criminal Justice
    - Career: Police Officer
    - Status: Single

    DD: Kimberly Charlotte; 30
    - Personality: Boring and Sympathetic
    - Favorite Toy: Barbie Doll
    - Teenage Interest: Singing
    - Major: N/A
    - Career: Singer
    - Status: Married - Ronald William "Ron" Mattthews
    -- DS/DS: Elijah Warren & Elliot Taylor; 10

    DD: Ariel Jade; 27
    - Personality: Affectionate and Stubborn
    - Favorite Toy: Stuffed Animal
    - Teenage Interest: Tennis
    - Major: Engineering
    - Career: Architect
    - Status: Married - Erik James Van der Pol
    -- DD/DD: Harmony Jean & Melody Jane; 2

    DD: Blake Violet; 26
    - Personality: Artistic and Impulsive
    - Favorite Toy: Doll House
    - Teenage Interest: Bike Riding
    - Major: Business
    - Career: Financial Planner
    - Status: Single

    Jason ~ Matthew ~ Ryan ~ Thomas ~ Shane
    Serena * Ariel * Miriam * Kari * Veronica


    Perseus ~ Chandler ~ Harvey ~ Bartholomew ~ Darien
    Sakura * Winry * Raven * Meredith * Monica

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    LN: Webster

    DH: Lionel Vernon
    DW: Beatrice Margaret

    DD: Vivian Pearl: boring and sympathetic: toy keyboard: tennis: majors in Nursing and works as a rehabilitation nurse: never marries
    DS: Jude Sebastian: artistic and impulsive: toy cars: film: majors in Business and works as a financial planner: never marries
    DS: Finn Tobias: artistic and impulsive: Legos: acting: majors in English and works as a librarian: marries but has no children
    DS/DD: Max Phineas: artistic and impulsive: bouncy ball: Soccer: majors in Engineering and works as an architect: marries and has 3 children & Zoe Matilda: artistic and impulsive: stuffed bunny: cheerleading: majors in Engineering and works as a research scientist: marries but doesn’t have children

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    LN: McCall
    DH: David Samuel (39, Chiropractor)
    DW: Hannah Meredith (37, Advertising Executive)

    Location: Cambridge, MA

    DD: Noelle Wren (12)
    DD: Morgan Sonnet (11)
    DD: Zoe Maeve (8)
    DS: Mason Elias (7)
    DS/DD: Emmett Wilder & Brooke Reese (5)
    DS: Jude Poe (4)
    DD: Andrea Sage (3)

    Noelle is artistic and impulsive. She loved to draw with crayons when she was really little but has since graduated to watercolors and charcoals. As she grows older she will be interested in filmmaking. She will go to college for Film and Media Studies and become a documentary producer. She will get married. She and her husband have two kids, Elise Margaret and Mathias Robert.

    Morgan is anxious and hardworking. She has always been athletic and can often be found in the backyard playing with her soccer ball. However, as she grows older she will spend more and more time with computer games and less time outside. She will major in Computer Science and become a software engineer. She will not get married.

    Zoe is affectionate and stubborn. True to her nature, she likes to sit with puzzles for hours until she works them out. As she grows older, she will let her creative side flourish and become interested in dancing. She will major in Business and work as a freelance financial planner for arts organizations. She will get married. She and her husband have two kids, Noah James and Jordan Oliver.

    Mason is affectionate and stubborn. His passion is building houses with legos. As a teenager, he will like basketball. He will major in Education and become a grade school teacher where he will coach the pee wee basketball team. He will get married. He and his wife have four kids, Amelia Caroline, Leo Bennett, Henry John, and Catherine Jenna.

    Emmett is introverted and dependable. Though he tends to be quiet, it is when he is alone that he lets his personality blossom; he loves to play with Play-Doh. As he grows older, he will enjoy his time spent alone running. He will be an English major in college and write sensitive, brilliant novels for a career. He will get married. He and his wife do not have any kids.

    Brooke is bossy and sociable. She is athletic, just like her big sister Morgan, but she prefers to shoot hoops in the driveway rather than play soccer. As she goes into high school, she will become more interested in softball. She will major in Business and become the CEO of a major financial company. She will get married. She and her husband have three kids, Owen Michael, Duncan Felix, and Clarissa Lauren.

    Jude is anxious and hardworking. His frantic nature leads to many a messy but lovable marker drawing. As he gets older, he will channel his hard work into soccer. He will major in Political Science and become a lawyer. He will not get married.

    Andrea is artistic and impulsive. She likes to play with the dollhouse that was passed down to her by her big sisters. Her impulsive nature will lend her well to running when she is a teenager. She will major in Nursing and become a pediatric nurse. She will get married. She and her husband have two kids, William Arthur and Alice Winifred.

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    DH: Tobias Caleb Mitchell
    *Age: 57
    *Career: Architect
    DW: Miranda Jane Mitchell
    *Age: 56
    *Career: Pastry Chef/Cake Decorator

    DD: Piper Bay Mitchell
    *Age: 31
    *Personality: Artistic and Impulsive
    *Favorite Toy: Stuffed Animal
    *Hobby: Photography
    *College Major: English
    *Career: Journalist
    *Marries: Alexander Holden Kostas
    *Kids: Daphne Athena, Zander Orion & Thalia Calliope

    DD: Avery June Mitchell
    *Age: 28
    *Personality: Affectionate and Stubborn
    *Favorite Toy: Guitar
    *Hobby: Dancing/Acting/Singing
    *College Major: Communications
    *Career: Actress
    *Marries: Mason Evan Fitz
    *Kids: Ivy Juniper & Malcolm Evander

    DD: Quinn Violet Mitchell
    *Age: 26
    *Personality: Bossy and Sociable
    *Favorite Toy: LIFE board game
    *Hobby: Soccer
    *College Major: Nursing
    *Career: Pediatric Nurse
    *Marries: Noah Wesley Beale
    *Kids: Elijah Blaine, Gabriel Kade, Solomon Vince & Chloe Belle

    DS (Twin 1): Carter Reed Mitchell
    *Age: 22
    *Personality: Affectionate and Stubborn
    *Favorite Toy: Legos
    *Hobby: Football
    *College Major: Political Science. Works as an FBI Agent.
    *Career: FBI Agent
    *Marries: None
    *Kids: None

    DS (Twin 2): Jude Hunter Mitchell
    *Age: 22
    *Personality:Artistic and Impulsive
    *Favorite Toys: Crayons, Markers & Paint
    *Hobby: Film
    *College Major: Communications
    *Career: Reporter
    *Marries: Annabeth Eloise Chase
    *Kids: None

    Parents: Toby & Miranda
    Their children: Piper, Avery, Quinn, Carter & Jude
    Their children-in-law: Alex, Mason, Noah & Beth
    Their grandchildren: Daphne, Zander, Thalia, Ivy, Malcolm, Eli, Gabe, Saul & Chloe
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    The Barton Family...
    Hubby: Gregory Howard (60)
    Missus: Rachel Nylah (58)

    Prg#1: Quinn Sebastian (40) and Flynn Tobias (40) - All of his life Quinn has had a sympathetic ear but sometimes he does get a tad boring. As a child he has scores of stuffed toys that he used to play with, his favourite was always a black and white dog named Pup. As Quinn became a teenager he got increasingly interested in acting and joined a local drama group - though this didn't last. He majored from college in engineering and has been worked as a research scientist since. Though Quinn is not married, he has two boys from the same woman, they are called Sam and Tom. ~~ Quinn's twin brother Flynn has been introverted since he was a young boy but we have always been able to depend on him to look after his younger siblings. As a boy he loved his action figures, this developed into an unhealthy obsession with video games when he became a teenager. Flynn majored in English and after a few years without work, found a job as an editor. He is not married nor has children.

    Prg#2: Riley Evan (36) - Riley took after big brother Flynn when it came to his personality. He is introverted though dependable. When he was a boy he loved his football and this remained a hot hobby as he became a teenager and took up football. It didn't come as a surprise when Riley dropped out of college, after just two weeks and doing nothing he enrolled in the army. Riley is happily married to his spouse Sarah and together they have five children; Charlie-Jo, Jake, Anna Leigh, Liam and Scott.

    Prg#3: Addison Scout (34) - Addison has always been a hardworking girl though she is sometimes anxious about her family. As a young girl she loved to play with big brother Flynn's action figured and into her teens was interested in softball. Addi majored in criminal justice and is now a very successful police chief, she has dedicated her life to her job and is not married nor is a mother.

    Prg#4: Hudson Dylan (32) - Hudson likes to socialise, but he is also bossy. As a child he liked to draw and play with his crayons but if anyone wanted to join in they would have to do it HIS way. Into his teens Hudson enjoyed going out for bike rides and was getting competitive cycling. Which is why it was a massive surprise when he announced he was going to college to do computer science, however he has a job as a web developer and is happy. He has a turbulent marriage to Joanie and together they have four beautiful girls, Jessa, Hattie, Louise and Georgia.

    Prg#5: Ash Elliott (31) - We often joke that Hudson and Ash were year-apart twins. Ash is also sociable but bossy, causing friction between the two boys until they were in their early twenties. Ash liked to play lots of board games as a child but stropped if he didn't win, as a teenager he liked to watch films and pull them a part. He majored, quite surprisingly, in education and has been a middle school teacher for many years. He isn't married and has no children.

    Prg#6: Brooke Caroline (29) - Like her oldest brother, middle daughter Brooke is sympathetic to her siblings' needs but is sometimes boring to them. As a child she loved to squirrel herself away with jigsaw puzzles and as a teenager she got out of the house by taking up running. From college Brooke majored in criminal justice, and - inspired by her older sister - she became a police officer. She isn't married but has two children from two previous relationships; Landon and Gideon.

    Prg#7: Camden Seth (27) - Cam always showed great affection to his siblings but was also cursed with absolute stubbornness. He loved crayons and colouring as a child but his stubbornness coupled with Hudson's bossiness made playing together impossible. When he became a teen he often went out with Brooke on her runs, although he would ride on a bike beside her. Despite being at each other's throats for much of their childhood, Cam followed in Hudson's footsteps to major in computer science and became a computer programmer soon afterwards. He is in a happy marriage with Susan and has two young children; Eloise and Henry.

    Prg#8: Carter Elijah (26) - Like his brother born just ten months before him, Carter is affectionate towards all but is also very stubborn. As a child he got hand-me-down action figures from Flynn and Addi which he loved to play with, and in his teenage years he enjoyed playing baseball. In college he majored in criminal justice but unable to go into the police force he became a freelance body guard. Although unmarried, Carter has three children from two short relationships and is a great father to; Deana, Eli and Will.

    Prg#9: Skye Matilda (23) - Baby of the family Skye is hardworking to prove to her older siblings that she is NOT baby, but she also often gets anxious like her oldest sister Addison. As a child her favourite toy was her play kitchen when she could get a minute peace to herself but as she got into her teens she developed a love for the strategy in video games. From college she majored in business and has recently started working for an insurance agent. Skye is not yet married and has no children.
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