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    New Hampshire
    LN: Lahey
    DH: Nathaniel Frederick
    DW: Jessica Rose

    DS: Owen Flynn (12)
    - Bossy and Sociable
    - Kitchen and running
    - Majors in Music, works as a musician
    - Marries, 3 kids

    DS: Evan Patrick (11)
    - Artistic and Impulsive
    - Puzzles and soccer
    - Majors in Communication, works as a public relations manager
    - Marries, No kids

    DD: Brooke Genevieve (10)
    - Introverted and Dependable
    - Kitchen and running
    - Majors in computer science, works as a web developer
    - Marries, 2 kids

    DD: Noelle Shay (7)
    - Affectionate and Stubborn
    - Toy drums and soccer
    - Majors in English, works as an editor
    - Does not marry

    DS/DD: Mason Ocean and Vivienne Snow (5)
    - Boring and Sympathetic / Affectionate and Stubborn
    - Toy guitar and running / Toy piano and photography
    - Majors in political science, works as a FBI agent / Majors in English, works as a journalist
    - Does not marry, 2 kids / Does not marry, no kids

    DS: Ryan Silas (4)
    - Affectionate and Stubborn
    - Blocks and singing
    - Majors in English, works as a journalist
    - Marries, 8 kids

    DS: Max Spencer (3)
    - Anxious and Hardworking
    - Stuffed cat and music
    - Majors in Political Science, works as a lawyer
    - Marries, 5 kids

    DS/DD: Jude Atticus and Taylor Fleur (2)
    - Introverted and Stubborn / Affectionate and Stubborn
    - Action figures and music / Play-doh and photography
    - Majors in Psychology, works as a social worker / Majors in Nursing, works as a ER nurse
    - Does not marry, 1 kid / Does not marry, 5 kids

    DS: Emmett Jackson (1)
    - Boring and Sympathetic
    - Kitchen and tennis
    - Majors in Education, works as a grade school teacher
    - Marries, 1 kid

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    LN: Quinn
    DH: Dean Samuel
    DW: Vivian Blake

    1:b:Emmett Sebastian-Anxious and Hardworking-Action figure-Film-Majors in Engineering. Works as an architect-Married(0)
    2:b:Max Phineas-Bossy and Sociable-Play-Doh-Singing-
    Majors in English. Works as an editor.-Married(3)
    3:g/g:Addison Grace-Affectionate and Stubborn-Kitchen-Running-
    Majors in Education. Works as a college professor-Not Married/Riley Arabella-Boring and Sympathetic-Play-Doh-Photography-Majors in Photography. Works as a Wedding Photographer.-Married(2)
    4:g:Zoey Charlotte-Artistic and Impulsive-Play-Doh-Cheerleading-
    Majors in Engineering. Works as a research scientist.-Married(3)
    5:b:Finn Spencer-Artistic and Impulsive-Cars-Acting-
    Majors in Political Science. Works as a FBI Agent.-Not Married
    6:g:Piper Snow-Bossy and Sociable-Dress up Jewelry-Computer Games-
    Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a detective.-Married(2)
    7:g:Delaney Bree-Bossy and Sociable-Bouncy House-Tennis-
    Majors in Business. Works as a financial planner.-Not Married
    8:b:Jude Micah-Bossy and Sociable-Soccer Ball-Dance-
    Majors in Business. Works as an insurance agent.-Not Married
    9:g/g:Payton Story-Affectionate and Stubborn-Volley Ball-Soccer-
    Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a police officer.-Married(0)/Avery Lyric-Bossy and Sociable-Blocks/Legos-Tennis-Majors in Computer Science. Works as a web developer.-Married(0)
    10:b/b:Tyler Beck-Introverted and Dependable-Kitchen-Photography-Majors in Communications. Works as a public relations manager-Married(0)/Parker Knox-Artistic and Impulsive-Play-Doh-Film-Majors in English. Works as a journalist-Not Married
    Lily Elizabeth/Chase Steven/Zack Francis/Drew Daniel

    Girls: Isla~Kendall~Maeve~Henley~Harlow~Neva~Reau~Sloane~ Bristol~

    Boys: Knox~Gavin~Finn~Hayes~Theo~Miles~Kai~Sawyer~Bodhi~

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    * I replaced the word boring with timid because boring sounds kind of harsh to call a child.

    LN: Barlow

    Location: NY

    H: Lincoln Noah Barlow
    ● 55
    ● Blonde hair, blue eyes. Fair skin. Very tall and skinny with a childish look in his face. Outgoing & fun to talk to.
    ● High School Teacher

    W: Pippa Laurel Barlow
    ● 54
    Red hair, green eyes. Very pale skin with freckles all over. Big, lovely smile. Short and thin. Very friendly and humorous.
    ● Artist

    12 pregnancies, 15 kids

    B: Charles Oak Barlow "Charlie"
    ● 27
    ● Affectionate & stubborn
    ● Loves puzzles
    ● Computer games
    ● Majors in Computer Science; becomes a software engineer
    ● Marries Mirabella Eve "Mira" {nee Guzman}
    ● They have two kids, twin girls named Cassia Rose & Lucia Robin

    G: Ariella Juliet Barlow
    ● 25
    ● Anxious & hardworking
    ● Loves soccer
    ● Began acting as a teenager
    ● College drop out; becomes a famous singer
    ● Never marries
    ● Adopts a baby boy named Milo Roscoe

    G: Emma Violet Barlow
    ● 24
    ● Artistic & impulsive
    ● Liked legos & blocks as a kid
    ● Loved drawing and painting as a teenager
    ● Majors in Political Science; becomes a lawyer
    ● Never marries

    G: Vivienne Luna Barlow
    ● 21
    ● Timid & sympathetic
    ● Loved doll houses as a kid
    ● Became a cheerleader as a teen
    ● Majors in Computer Science; becomes a web developer
    ● Marries Leo James Cassidy
    ● Has two children, two boys named Ezra Moss & Flynn Pierce

    B: Jude Sebastian Barlow
    ● 19
    ● Bossy & sociable
    ● Loved playing the guitar as a kid
    ● Played for his basketball team in high school
    ● Majors in Computer Science; becomes a computer programmer
    ● Never marries

    G: Wren Felicity Barlow
    ● 19
    ● Timid & sympathetic
    ● Loved painting as a kid
    ● High School cheerleader
    ● Majors in Education; becomes an Art teacher
    ● Marries Sylive Elinor Dubois
    ● They have three children named Amelie Claire, Cora Mathilde, & Hugo Quentin

    G: Noelle Aria Barlow
    ● 16
    ● Introverted & dependable
    ● Loved playing kitchen as a kid
    ● Stayed online all day playing computer games as a teen
    ● Majors in Criminal Justice; becomes a cop
    ● Never marries
    ● Has one child with her boyfriend Carter Vincent Knight, a boy named Jackson Oliver "Jack"

    B: Dexter Atticus Barlow "Dex"
    ● 15
    ● Artistic & impulsive
    ● Loved puzzles as a kid
    ● Was interested in acting as a teen
    ● Majors in Education; becomes a Drama teacher
    ● Marries Odette Marie Coppola

    B: Maxwell Ocean Barlow "Max"
    ● 14
    ● Bossy & sociable
    ● Loved play-doh as a kid
    ● Enjoys bike riding
    ● Majors in Communications; becomes a reporter
    ● Marries Eliza Pearl Whitlock

    B: Mason Chance Barlow
    ● 14
    ● Anxious & hardworking
    ● Loved action figures as a kid
    ● Loves baseball
    ● Majors in Communications; becomes a famous actor
    ● Marries Celia Adele Hollins
    ● They have 5 kids: Liam Alexander, Lena Astrid, Harper Emmeline, Calvin Archibald, & Ruby Adelaide

    B: Dean Everett Barlow
    ● 13
    ● Bossy & sociable
    ● Loved legos and blocks as a kid
    ● Played in a band as a teen, sang vocals
    ● Majors in Engineering; becomes an architect
    ● Never marries

    G: Asha Lux Barlow
    ● 12
    ● Artistic & impulsive
    ● Loved sculpting as a kid
    ● Loves tennis
    ● Majors in Political Science; becomes a politician
    ● Marries Spencer Kurt Swan
    ● They have one child, Rosamund Aurelle Swan

    B: Blake Jasper Barlow
    ● 8
    ● Affectionate & stubborn
    ● Loved playing with cars as a kid
    ● Loves computer games
    ● Majors in Criminal Justice; becomes a detective
    ● Never marries

    B: Owen Hudson Barlow
    ● 8
    ● Anxious & hardworking
    ● Loved his stuffed bear named Tinky
    ● Loves soccer & joined his high school's soccer team
    ● Drops out of college; joins the military
    ● Never marries

    G: Allison Mae Barlow, goes by Mae
    ● 4
    ● Artistic & impulsive
    ● Loves Monopoly
    ● Joined her track team in High School
    ● Majors in Nursing; becomes an ER nurse
    ● Never marries

    Grandparents: Lincoln & Pippa
    Their children: Charlie, Ariella, Emma, Vivienne, Jude, Wren, Noelle, Dex, Max, Mason, Dean, Asha, Blake, Owen, & Mae
    Their children-in-law: Mira, Leo, Sylvie, Odette, Eliza, Celia, & Spencer
    Their grandchildren: Cassia, Lucia, Milo, Ezra, Flynn, Amelie, Cora, Hugo, Jack, Liam, Lena, Harper, Calvin, Ruby, & Rosamund

    *exhales* DONE!!
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    DH: Ramses Siegfried Argent
    DW: Harlow Anais Argent

    DS: Rory Sebastian Argent (12)
    -Artistic and Impulsive
    -Cars & Tennis
    -Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a detective.
    -They get married to Sinead Erin Callaghan. His kids are named Seamus Callaghan, Bridget Niamh, & Jasper Eoghan Argent.

    DD: Avery Cecilia Argent (10)
    -Introverted and Dependable
    -Legos & Photography
    -Majors in Engineering. Works as an architect.
    -They don't get married, but has two kids with Isaac Nathaniel Kelly named Paige Doutzen & Walker Hugo Kelly.

    DD: Morgan Lynn Argent (7)
    -Introverted and Dependable
    -Candy Land & Tennis
    -Majors in Education. Works as a grade school teacher
    -They don't get married but is in a relationship with Luna Elisabeth Doherty.

    DD/DD: Ren Iris & Shay Piper Argent (5)
    -Affectionate and Stubborn / Boring and Sympathetic
    -Toy drums & Basketball / Crayons & Computer Games
    -Majors in Education. Works as a college professor. / Majors in Political Science. Works as a FBI Agent.
    -They get married to Cory Lee Simmons and have two kids named Maddox King & Dashiell Justice. / They don't get married, but has one kid with Garrett Joseph Liddell named Rose Thandie Liddell.

    DS: Emmett Alastair Argent (1)
    -Bossy and Sociable
    -Mouse Trap & Film
    -Majors in English. Works as an editor.
    -They get married to Grace Noelle Lancaster and have four kids. His kids are named Alya Avis, Magnolia Briar, Willow Paloma & River Wolfram Argent.
    just a confused teenberry.
    corbin | leo | malcolm | pierce
    anastasia | cordelia | delphine | ramona

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    LN: Williams

    DH: Andrew Kyle
    DW: Elizabeth Faith

    DD/DD: Delaney Pearl & Morgan Jade
    Delaney: Boring & Sympathetic Morgan: Bossy & Sociable
    Toys: Crayons & Barbie
    Interests: Basketball & Cheerleading
    Majors: Nursing/Pediatric Nurse & Engineering/ Civil Engineer
    Both Never Marry, but Delaney has two adopted children: Ella Caroline & Henry Maxwell

    DS: Noah Gray
    Introverted & Dependable
    Toy: Teddy bear
    Interest: Film
    Major: Political Science/ Lawyer
    Married to Abigail w/ three kids: Ethan Nicholas, Zoe Catherine, & Daniel Mason

    DS: Emmett Levi
    Anxious & Hardworking
    Toy: Paint
    Interest: Tennis
    Major: English/Editor
    Never Marries but has one child with a former girlfriend, Lucy Eleanor

    DS/DD: Hudson Maverick & Brooke Holiday
    Boring & Sympathetic (H), Bossy & Sociable (B)
    Toy: Guitar & Blocks
    Interests: Baseball & Basketball
    Major: Communications/ Actor & Nursing/ ER nurse
    Emmett marries but no kids, Brooke marries has 3 kids, Gavin Joshua, Layla Jane & Sophie Claire

    DD: Quinn Eliza
    Anxious & Hardworking
    Toy: Kitchen
    Interest: Computer Games
    Major: Computer Science/ web developer
    Never Marries but adopts one daughter, Saskia Noelle

    DD: Skye Madeleine
    Artistic & Impulsive
    Toy: Doll House
    Interest: Soccer
    Major: Political Science/ FBI Agent
    Marries but has no kids
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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