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    Adelaide, Stella, Daisy and Emmeline middles

    I need middle names for Adelaide, Stella, Daisy and Emmeline (nn Emma or Millie?).

    Sibling Amy-Louise. Surname Kitcher.
    We don't mind hyphenated names.
    No no names: Sophie, Lisa, Lynn, Charlotte, Harriet, Olivia, Sarah, Claire, Rosie, Ann, Katy/Katie.

    Nothing too popular or no surnames or unisex names.
    No repeating initials e.g. A.A.K or A.K.K.

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    any help ?

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    Sarah Beth <3

    Current favorites:

    Violet Christine • Aurora Scarlett • Eden •

    Micah James • Cash Henry •

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    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Adelaide Scarlett - I do kinda like this one but it feels a little long.
    Adelaide Violet - I kinda like Violet Rose as a middle name a little better.
    Adelaide Rose - Strangely enough I actually like this name on its own.
    Adelaide Honor - I like and he doesnt like.
    Adelaide Hope - I don't like it as a I new a couple from school.

    Stella Catherine - I like this one.
    Stella Opal & Stella Blythe & Stella Ruth - These sound a little old fashioned for us.
    Stella Lily
    Stella Joy

    Daisy June & Daisy Jane & Daisy Jade - I quite like these but they just seem so common as middle names.
    Daisy Kate (I dont like this due to the K.K initals at the end)
    Daisy Rae - I do like this one but he said Ray is a boys names not a girls name.
    Daisy Elle - I'm not keen on Elle it feels too much like a NN.
    Daisy Catherine - Daisy Catherine seem a little odd. I like Catherine Daisy though.

    Emmeline Belle - I dont like Belle I only know it as a NN for Isabelle.
    Emmeline Blythe & Emmeline Iris & Emmeline Paloma & Emmeline Maeve - These middles are a little too old for us.
    Emmeline Lily - I like this but I like Rose or Mae.
    Emmeline Rose - I actually quite like this one on its own.
    Emmeline Eden - I do love the name Eden but If it was Eden Kate it'd probably use it then it's not single repeated letter.

    Adelaide Pearl - I quite like this name but im unsure if my boyfriend will like Pearl.
    Adelaide Mae - I kinda like this one but it feels like it needs something like Violet so it's Violet Mae.
    Stella Violet - See above for Violet - I do like this though.
    Stella Marlene & Daisy-Caroline & Daisy Vivienne - These are a little old for my liking.
    Stella Ivy - I love this one but it maybe needs something.
    Daisy-Rue - Rue feels a little weird.
    Emmeline Belle - See above's Emmeline Belle.
    Emmeline Kate - See above's Emmeline Eden.

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