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    Soliciting opinions, WDYT of...

    Fallon Quinn as a name for soon to be sister of: Kendal Rae, Harper Dale, and Sawyer Flynn (all girls!)

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    I like both names, and it certainly fits with the set! They combine well enough. Possible critiques: Both end in N so a little rhymey, Quinn and Flynn are also rhymey with each other, and Fallon Quinn makes me think a little bit of Falun Gong (I can't be spelling that right), the Chinese meditative practice that is under some prosecution by the government there. All in all though it works.

    Some alternatives:

    Fallon Drew
    Fallon Quill
    Fallon Lark
    Fallon Sage
    Fallon Skye

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    I really like Fallon Quinn. But I must admit, I forgot I was in the girl names forum and was thinking this was for a boy. Sawyer Flynn is similarly ambiguous though, so it fits your style. Your consistency is flawless!
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    I think it's a little too masculine to be honest. I recognize that your other daughters all have unisex names, but I think Kendal, Harper, and Sawyer are more leaning towards feminine. Like they are more accepted as girls names than Fallon, which l also thought was for a boy when I first saw it.

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    While it's not my favorite name overall, I think it fits fabulously with your sibset.

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