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Thread: Avalie?

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    What do you think of the name Avalie?

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    I don't like Ava to start with but adding -lie changes it from a respectable name that I simply don't like to a trashy-sounding name that plain shouldn't be used. Love Coralie, Rosalie, etc though.
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    My husband and I have been searching long and hard for a girls name and have discussed ones like Liliana, Luciana, etc. We haven't ruled them out but we both agreed that it sounds like we are taking a rather popular name - in this case Lily or Lucy - and trying to make it special/different by adding "ana" to the end (eventhough they are names in their own right/not made up). I think this is a similar scenario. Ava is lovely and I must admit that I like Avalie more but it does seem like it is trying to be different.

    Not sure if that helps!

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    Thank you for your honesty! That's what I was wondering about. I never thought of it as sounding trashy, but I did wonder if it sounded too made up.

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    How are you pronouncing that? Ava-lee or what I was thinking was more like Ah-vuh-lee. Or even Aa-vuh-lee (as in Abby)... For this reason I'm not a fan, but I hate having to correct pronunciations

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