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Thread: Avalie?

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    I prefer Ava, as it isn't "made up" so to speak, but Avalie is one of the better invented names. It is much better than Avaleigh or Avaleeh spelling-wise, and I don't think it would cause much confusion for a child. So if you really, really love it, go-ahead with it, and give her a middle name she can fall back on if she decides to : )
    Percy Raphael Fox Gregory Arthur Casimir Balthasar Jules
    . . . . Pip Fox Dart Baz . . . . . . . . .
    Marguerite Olimpia Aliénor Catherine Wilhelmina Thérèse Rosemary Fantine
    Meg Noor Willa Hero . . . . . .
    Phoebe Scheherazade Lola Artemisia Cosmas Endymion Otto Murphy

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    All names are essentially made-up, some have just been around for longer...

    i don't think it sounds trashy at all - I quite like it! We talked about it before we knew we were having a son =)

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