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    Thanks for the responses! I think we'll take Daphne and Hazel off the list. As much as I love Hazel, I figure I should stick with the two that we both like equally, and my DH prefers Audrey and Vera!

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    Oh no don't nix Hazel! It's so beautiful, despite the runtogether Ls. Hazel would get my vote.
    Audrey Lane is sharp and elegant.
    Vera Lane.. I didn't make the Wang connection until you mentioned it, but I do think it sounds vaguely like a verb: "The sled came veraling down the hill." "Would you mind veraling up that spool of thread?" Still, Vera is great.
    What middle name do you have in mind?

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    My favorite name from your list is Hazel however I think Audrey sounds the best with your last name.

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    Hazel and Daphne seems very blah, to me.
    Hazel and Lane run together. Some people are turned off by that.
    Daphne Lane is okay.
    Vera and Audrey are very pretty.
    The last name Lane is a bit tricky, since almost anything paired with it will sound like a street name.
    Vera Lane doesn't make me think of Vera Wang at all.
    I like the sound of Audrey Lane the best.
    Hope that helps!

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    My personal favorite is Daphne Lane <3 I also love Hazel, but I agree, the running L's might be an issue ...

    Vera Lane is WAY to close to Vera Wang for me (not a fan of Vera anyways). Audrey Lane is cute, and if you both like it, I say go for Audrey

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