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    Audrey is popular for a reason. It's adorable and fantastic! Audrey Lane is perfection, to me.

    I like Hazel Lane as a second in spite of the double L.

    Vera is awesome, but I never like it until I remember that I have no reason to DISlike it. Takes about two minutes every time.

    Daphne makes me think of Scooby Doo, perhaps an unfortunate association, perhaps not.
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    Pretty names, but I agree that there are some issues. Hazel is my favorite, but Hazel Lane just doesn't work. Vera Lane sounds quite a lot like Vera Wang. Audrey is fairly popular. Daphne is the only one with no major issues, but if hubby isn't a fan then it's out. Unless there's wiggle room?

    I'd go with Vera (if Vera Wang doesn't bother you too much) or Audrey. You could see how popular Audrey is in your neck of the woods. Are you in the US? Or elsewhere? It may not be as popular as you think it is locally. Or it may be more popular. In the end, don't let the popularity of a name be the deciding factor. You could name your child something that's never hit top 1000 and there could be 2 other girls in her class with that name. Audrey Lane sounds great. Classy.

    Are you interested in other names?

    Daphne: Athena, Phoebe, Xanthe
    Hazel: Juniper, Violet, Sage
    Vera: Veronica, Viola, Nora
    Audrey: Naomi, Claudia, Amelie

    Good luck!
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    In order:

    Vera - You both agree on this name and I think that it has a lovely ring to it. This one is perfect!

    Daphne - I usually don't like this name but it seems to work with your surname.

    Audrey - This is good, I'm not sure why but when I say 'Audrey Lane' I can't help but think Aubrey would be a better option.

    Hazel - I think that two L's clash but it is still a sweet name.

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    I think you can't go wrong with Vera, Hazel or Audrey.

    Daphne is the only one I'm not a fan of.
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    I love Vera. I don't think it's too close to Vera Wang and it's not like she's a terrible (or super well known) person to have a similar name with anyway.
    Audrey is great. I don't know any little Audreys. I know two adult Audreys (different ages). I wouldn't worry too much about popularity.
    Daphne I'd let go of if he doesn't like it.
    Hazel...I do think the L thing isn't a huge problem but it is a little one, also "Hazel Lane" just sounds a lot like a place.

    Good luck!

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