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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    You're in Dublin. So yes, I'd say it was too much.
    Agreed. It's a long the lines of meeting someone named Oregon in Portland, or Georgia in Atlanta.

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    Oh! It's not Dublin, Ireland! Haha. But thanks everyone, I totally see where you're all coming from xx

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    Georgia is used as a feminization George, not as a place-name name usually, so that's different. I'm not a big fan of place-name names. If it's a really special location to you and you can't bring yourself to use an actual name from that place for some reason (although I can't fathom why not), then use it as a middle name. Having a name with the word "land" at the end of it is even weirder than a girl having a name with "son" at the end, IMHO.

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    My cousin's daughter has the middle name Ireland. She has no connection to the country, she said she "just liked the sound of it as a middle name". I thought that this was a little strange, though I had to agree, it DOES flow nicely with her daughter's first and last names.

    To each their own - it's not my style, but hey, it's no stranger than using any other place name, really.

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    I remember hearing Ireland for the first time as a name while working at a clothing store. She was a little blonde girl and all I could think was "are you serious?" I live in America. If you live in Ireland, then it's a definite no. It would just to be so confusing and I think many would assume you are "American" because I'm sure very few, if any, Irish name their children Ireland.

    Also, just because someone famous did it, doesn't mean it's a good idea... I mean there are kids named Moon Unit and Rocket Man.

    (this is all just my opinion)
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