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    I'm glad I found this thread ... I just bought my 17 month old a frog backpack leash (or reins/harness/whatever you want to call them). We are taking an international flight next month and I am flying solo with my little one. I am going to have to lug around our carry on bag and a convertible car seat and my son hates sitting in his stroller.

    Clearly, I don't have a problem with it. My son has been walking since 10 months and is FAST and refuses to hold hands. Since he would rather walk everywhere, I would rather be safe than sorry in crowded places. I am thoroughly prepared to get some dirty looks though when I use the leash in the airport. Although, I would probably get even dirtier looks if my son was screaming bloody murder because I confined him to his stroller
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    We don't use them, but I don't judge parents who do. Like mill1020, I sometimes do a doubletake and think to myself why do they need that for just one toddler, but I don't really consider that judging. Everyone has their own parenting style. It usually suprises me more because I feel like, for me, it would be more a hassle than not having a harness/leash/rein.

    Before going to any public place or activity, we have a discussion at home about the rules and reminders with the kids. We repeat the rules again in the car before we get out. Our toddlers (2 1/2) know they must obey us in these settings because the same rules apply at home.
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    Some toddlers have a tendency to bolt unexpectedly so I think these make a lot of sense for them. I have four children and they are all so different. Two of my daughters were very compliant and would never run away from me. My 2nd daughter was very busy and had zero impulse control. (It's too soon to tell with my youngest child.) When I was out in public with my 2nd daughter, I always had to have her strapped into something. I could not rely on her holding my hand. This was for her own safety. I never used a leash because she didn't mind her stroller, but I can see how this might work the best for some. No judgment here. Whatever works.

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    I also do not understand why calling it a leash is offensive. Leashes make me think of dogs and reins make me think of horses.

    While I am personally not a fan of them, I realize that once I have my own little one, I may very well change my opinion. I am going to try my darndest to not have to use one, but at the end of the day it will come down to my child's safety.
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    I used to feel totally different about child leashes than I do now. Before I had Rowan, I would always comment about how lazy or silly it was and I honestly feel bad about it. Rowan is now at that lovely age where she is definitely a toddler, but she isn't old enough to reason and understand why she can't walk into the street or run at full speed down a grassy hill. I am actually considering getting one for stores/grocery shopping because she wants to walk wherever we go. She absolutely hates the little seats in carts. My husband is still very "anti leash" but he's not the one who has to chase after her AND grocery shop at the same time. I'm not sure if she would be okay with it though...she might just sit down on the floor and throw a tantrum because she can sense she's not free to run wherever she pleases.
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