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    I approve of them and they have really cute ones! Basically their like those animal backpacks, but with a "leash" for the parent to hold onto. I work in a retail store, trust me, almost all those parents NEED one. I see kids running around, making a mess, breaking things. It is so annoying that parents can't control their children. If they had a leash, they could easily prevent their child from grabbing that glass vase.

    The "leash" is also excellent in big malls and amusement parks. You don't have to worry about loosing your child. Sure you could hold hands, but hands sweat and a little hand can easily slip out.

    If I have a kid, I will for sure be getting a leash.

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    I think you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your child safe. If that means using a safety harness (the PC term in the US is harness, not reins), so be it. I'd rather have people give me dirty looks for having my child on a "leash" than have her get lost or kidnapped. We haven't had a situation where we've needed one yet (my LO is only 13 months old and still likes riding in the stroller or being carried), but I would in a heart-beat if we were going somewhere crowded like the zoo or an amusement park or if we were traveling. Can you even imagine the sheer terror you would feel if your toddler got away from you in an airport far from home? I don't even want to think about it!

    I don't think they should be used every day, you do need to teach your kid to be obedient, but there are just some situations where the likelihood of you being distracted (you're busy checking your luggage or getting your passport stamped or something) and them being excited and wandering off (ooh...what's that spinning thing with all the bags? Look, you can see the airplanes out the window!) is just too great. It's not worth the risk. You do what you gotta do!

    Furthermore, I think it's kind of silly to assume it's somehow degrading to a small child to wear a safety harness. They all look like cute animal backpacks now, every kid I've known who has one loves it. Plus, just because being on a "leash" would feel degrading to an adult doesn't mean a child would feel that way. For example, I personally would feel degraded if I had to wear a diaper, but they do it all day every day! It's our job as parents to impose limits on our children when it's in their best interest, a harness/reins/leash/whatever-you-call-it is just a tool to do that.

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    I was a toddler with reins. While it does look a bit odd (my brain automatically goes, "hee hee, a leash-baby!") I fully support parents who need to use them. Mum said one particular time before she had them for me, she was quite pregnant with my sister and I took off, she called after me to stop and come back, and apparently I stopped, turned around giggled and took off again, almost into traffic as the lights changed to green. Luckily a quick-thinking person nabbed me for mum.

    Leo was given a little backpack that has a tether hooked to it, so not proper reins but the same kind of deal. We've used it just the once when we went to the zoo for the day, but since it was a backpack it was a novelty for him, we put his snacks etc in it and he thought it was quite cool. We also had the buggy with us as well since there way no way he'd make it around the whole place on those little legs!
    He also doesn't seem to be a runner *fingers crossed he stays that way*. I would use reins if I had to though.

    ETA: @taz, "gleefully disobedient"!! Love it! That was definitely me as a toddler!
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    I don't see what's bad with using the term leash? Honestly, calling them reins just makes me laugh. But regardless of what they are called...

    I have also noticed the little monkey backpacks they can be attached to! Really cute actually.

    My parents didn't use them, but one of my friends' parents used them and they are amazing parents (basically my second parents).
    They had 3 young kids close in age and didn't want to have to give up walking around town, etc. just because they were a little wild..

    Safety first, I guess!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    I'll admit I cringe a little whenever I see a toddler on a leash or reins or whatever, but I understand why parents would use them. I'm not a parent myself so I try not to judge!
    I agree, I'm not a mother so I try not to judge. I was, however, a nanny for years so I do have some insight into bringing toddlers out on errands. I can completely understand the level of comfort a tether gives someone, especially with a little busybody! But I've always brought a stroller and make it clear that if they are not going to walk nicely and hold my hand they will have to be buckled into their stroller. It also depends on the toddler's stamina, if you're just going on a short walk I can totally see using a leash but if you're going on a longer trip you're probably going to need a stroller anyways. Again, just my opinion, to each their own.
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