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    I had one as a child, it wrapped around my wrist. I will never forget that. My mom used it when we went shopping and the cart would be filled with food. I was a very busy child lol. Now they make ones that almost look like harnesses. Although people look at you like your nuts or trying to walk your child like a dog I can see them coming in handy if you are in the city area. I would possibly use one when I visit NYC since strollers are inconvenient do to the large population of people, stairs, doorways etc. Lots of obstacles. Since I live in a suburb, quiet type area a stroller works just fine on the sidewalks which I would use if I were to go out. But I think they are totally harmless and convenient for certain situations. Plus the ones that look like backpacks now are almost giving your child a "job" for the day where they can hold their snacks, books etc. and you can keep a hold of them.
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    I think they are a good idea in some situations. We had one for my youngest sister when she was a baby and at the time i thought it was funny because she got walked around like a puppy (I was like 7 at the time, so sorry if that sounds rude). We used to have a campsite by a river and she loved to escape so she ended up tethered near my parents most of the time. We also had one for my niece but only used it maybe a handful of times. It was useful but not really necessary. We carried her or pushed her in a stroller, and as she got older she would ride piggyback on one of our backs or would hold someone's hand. Come to think of it, we really only used that thing because it was a gift...

    I try not to be all judgemental about it but I admit it irks me to see people "walk" their children on know, like you would a dog..not just use them..if that makes sense? Especially if it's hot out, or the parents are paying more attention to their friends or whatever than the child, or if the child plainly is tired, wants held, or does not want to be dragged along..that's ridiculous..and I admit, sometimes I think "come on, pick up your kid already".

    Would I use one for my own child? Ehh..maybe if I were able to dig up the one we used for my niece, which is's not something i would go out and buy, personally.
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    I used proper reins with my son when he started walking and progressed to the animal backpack with the strap. He hated the buggy and after two refused to get in it! He is a very headstrong child and even now has little concept of danger! As far as I am concerned its safety first. I couldn't give two hoots what anyone else thinks. I've certainly found that I am much less judgemental since I've become a parent. I don't let my kids sleep in our bed, have a strict bedtime routine and a designated naughty chair which is not for everyone else but works for us. I have dear friends who have techniques I wouldn't use but they are not my kids and I am in no place to lecture anyone as I certainly wouldn't appreciate being lectured to!
    I have a baby girl as well and I'll definitely use reins with her. We live on a busy road and I'd rather raise a few eyebrows and keep my child safe than run the risk of her running into the road and being hit by a car. Trying to juggle a dog, shopping, house keys and a toddler is difficult. Whilst I accept they are not to everyone's taste I am happy using them each to their own!!

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    I'm not a mom yet, so I don't have much of an opinion. I don't really have a problem with it.

    My MIL said she would never have considered using them with her first son, who was very quiet and obedient and stayed close during outings. Then she had son number 2... And changed her mind. He was quiet too, but sneaky. When he got old enough, he would sneak away while in public when mom and dad were busy or tending to their other son. He was very curious and just wanted to walk around and see things. She said giving him a "leash" was actually giving him MORE freedom, because with the leash he could still wander a few feet away, but be safe. Without it, he was stuck in a stroller, being carried, or holding hands... all of which afforded this very independent child much less freedom to be curious. I think she still feels slightly bad about it, because she tells that story a lot. I completely understand where she's coming from and agree with her reasoning.

    You never know why people choose to use a harness/leash. At least they are trying to keep their kid safe! I can't very well fault a parent for that.
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    I had one as a toddler. I was two when my sister was born, so she ended up in the pram and I had to walk beside, but obviously my mum couldn't hold my hand and push the pram at the same time. My reins were just a longish piece of material with a velcro strap to put round my wrist and then my mum's or the buggy handle or wherever. I'd use one for my child to walk down the street in a heartbeat. I love the backpack thing that people are talking about, wish they had them when I was a kid, they sound so cute.

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