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    No kiddos yet for me, but I would use one. I think they're brilliant! In an ideal world, little ones would always mind their mothers, but the world isn't ideal and I can think of many situations, especially involving crowds, which would be much simpler and worry-free if there was a way to hang onto your child without carrying them. And it's actually not good for a toddler to hold mommy or daddy's hand for extended periods of time...all that pulling and tugging and hanging on the parent's arm while reaching up at that angle can potentially damage their little shoulder joints. I think leashes/harnesses/reins/what have you are safe, comfortable, effective, and smart.

    As for being degrading...I can see the argument, but I don't think it applies. When I was a kid, I pretended I was a puppy ALL THE TIME. I would tie myself to the leg of the piano with a jump-rope, just so I could strain and "bark" at the end of "my leash" like a real dog. My mom had a heart-attack when she caught me tying the jump-rope round my neck for authenticity's sake >_> All this to say, even if the child does make a connection between a baby leash and a dog leash, they're far more likely to turn it into some new and exciting game of pretend than they are to attach all sorts of negative meaning to it.
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    We've always called them child leashes, so I don't see any peoblem calling them leashes.

    Honestly, I wish more parents would use them. I'm getting tired of parents letting their toddlers run around malls/streets/stores/etc, and letting them get into things that they shouldn't.
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    I have never found the need for them for my kids, as I used other options. When my son was born and my daughter wasn't quite 2, I had a pram with a toddler seat on the front of it. Then when my son was in a more lighter stroller, my daughter was taught to hold on to the strap on the stroller when we were walking. Now with a near 4 year old and a 2 year old, my son follows his big sister's cues and always holds my hand like her. If we go to big crowds or busy places, I take the stroller for the younger one and my daughter cruises with us (often responsible for pushing the stroller to keep her close). Oh and at the shops, I get the toddler twin seats trolleys so they sit next to each other. When we have gone to the zoo or other large places I often end up with my son in the stroller and my daughter on a piggy back with me. Though I always take my ergo carrier as my son can comfortably fit in it on my back if my daughter wants a go in the stroller.

    I have nothing against the harness option. Each parent need their own options. Though when your child is having a massive meltdown I would prefer a stroller to strap them into cause I can't drag them away in the harness!! . Having said all that, I tend to do my shopping etc on a weekend when my hubby can watch at least one of the kids. Quicker and easier!
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    Warning: sanctimonious

    Ehhh, I have to admit to getting judgy when I see toddlers on leashes, especially when there is "only" one toddler and more than one adult. Sure, little kids can and do run off. Toddlers are great at that! But it's not THAT hard to at least marginally pay attention to your toddler(s) in public and/or limit the duration of the outing in the first place. If you want to go window shopping on the waterfront or spend more than 30 seconds paying attention to anything, and your kid's at that stage where they're wild and prone to sprinting away, schedule a babysitter for a few hours once a month. Fer-goodness'-sake, it's pretty much a requirement for staying sane when your child is very young to get away from him/her briefly, anyway! And I am saying this as a person who HATES spending money on even the best of babysitters and hates the frustration of the whole process of arranging for childcare, and whose family lives 2,000+ miles away.

    I was tempted to start using a leash on one of our kids when our third child was born, and if I had I probably would have put it on our 2.5-year-old son. Our 17-month old son and the baby would have been in the double stroller. Instead, I wore the baby a lot and either held hands with the boys (tightly) or double-strollered the boys. I realize this is not much different from "leashing" them. The hand-holding strategy was definitely not without incident, either. But I just couldn't bring myself to do the leash thing, even in the airport with them by myself. Your kid is not a dog, and they need to learn how to be in public and in streets and less-than-ideal situations somehow; as with many things, this takes years of practice and opportunities to get it wrong.
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    I'm not a parent yet, but I'm a nanny and the little boy I care for has a "leash." I always feel a bit like I'm being judged when I use it, probably because my mother judged parents who used one. She never used them with me or my brother, but we were both clingy, quiet kids and we didn't stray far even as toddlers. As for the little boy I care for, he's extremely busy and while he listens pretty well, he is so easily distracted and will be in one place one minute and yards away the next. I've been happy for that leash on occasion! His is a monkey backpack with the monkey's tail being the leash, so when we go out I usually attempt to gauge his temperament and will often coil the leash part around the monkey's head. That way, he can run around but I also have something to grab on to in a flash if necessary. We mostly do parks/small zoos though, so they're never super busy or close to roads. I imagine if we went to shopping centres or the city more often I'd be depending upon that thing.

    I think some of the judgement comes from thinking that parents aren't able to control their children without the leash--but having experienced using one and not using one with different children, I think it's more a child-by-child case rather than some parents "being in control" and others not. The kids I've taken out have all been very well-behaved, it's just that some are busier than others and require that physical reminder that they shouldn't stray too far.

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