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    Thoughts on toddlers on 'leashes'?

    What are your honest thoughts about toddlers on leashes?

    Do you / would you ever use one?

    Do you judge other parents for using them?

    Edit: Apologies if the word 'leash' is the wrong world, replace it with whatever synonym you prefer
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    I fully support parents who use baby reins on their toddlers, especially in cities. I'm not saying it's ideal, I would like for my child to be able to run carefree around on her own (which is why we're moving!), but I'd rather have her in reins and looking a bit silly, than not using them and having her run into traffic, crowds or up to strange dogs (and the list could go on!). Safety comes first, and toddlers doesn't understand the dangers of running off on their own. I'd only use it in busy streets, in parks where dogs run free and things like that though. And most of them have quite long reins, at least the ones I've seen. And they're helpful when the toddler is still a bit shaky on her feet.

    Helmets on the playground, that's another thing.
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    They are not leashes, they are reins. Calling them leashes implies the child is treated like an animal.

    I am in support of leashes. We used them consistently with my daughter when she stopped using her pushchair, when she was learning to walk with mummy and how to cross roads, etc.

    Her rein was on the inside of a ladybird backpack, so it didn't even feel like she was on a leash. She would hold my hand any time we were outside, regardless of where it was. She would be wearing her backpack and the other end of the rein would be wrapped around the hand that was holding hers.

    It was to teach her safety measures, but not limit her. That way, the rein wouldn't even be used unless she suddenly let go of me and ran away. She did it once, she ran clean out in front of a car and if it weren't for the rein she'd most definitely have been hit.

    It doesn't bear to think about the consequences, toddlers are reckless and do not understand the concept of danger.

    I'm very baby led and consider myself to be quite crunchy, but this is just too much for me. No offence, but the types of mothers IRL who hate reins are the types of mums who won't use prams because it restricts the baby and won't use cots because they're "baby prison"

    I'm confident in my choice to use reins and I will use them again on Daisy.

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    I'll admit I cringe a little whenever I see a toddler on a leash or reins or whatever, but I understand why parents would use them. I'm not a parent myself so I try not to judge!
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    I use one, so I am obviously in support of them. I know plenty of moms judge this, but I mean, it's been a pure judgement-fest ever since I brought a child into this world, everyone has an opinion & you've just got to do what works best for you.

    I use one cause I know my daughter. I know that she isn't careful, fearful or meek and I know she's shockingly quick. Plenty of moms with more obedient 1 1/2 year olds walk around with them and are able to teach them to stop when the curb daughter is spunky on a good day, but gleefully disobedient on a bad one...the scary possibility of her running off is too real & too dangerous for me to worry about ladies shaking their heads at me on the street. Keeping my kid safe while she learns is just more important to me.

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