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Thread: Ella or Eliana?

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    I love the name Eliana and I think it pairs best with Rose. Like you, I think Ella sounds too short. I think it's likely that people might call her by a different nickname, but you can do a lot to set the precedent there.

    My daughter's name is Margaret and we wanted to call her Greta. I was a bit worried that people would call her Maggie or whatnot. We sent out birth announcements with "Greta" in script and the full name underneath.

    I was surprised by how well it worked! Not a single person has called her Margaret. Not even her pediatrician. DEFINITELY nobody has called her Maggie or Marge or any of the other nicknames for Margaret. Of course, she's not in school yet, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Of course, it will be harder to try to prevent people from calling her Ellie because it's a natural diminutive for Ella -- but you'll have that problem if you go with Ella too!

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    My favorite is Elianna Rose, but I don't think you have any bad choices!

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    Thanks so much for all the comments! Really appreciate it!

    Nedra~ Brilliant idea, thanks for sharing! I will certainly do that too if we end up going with Eliana.

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    Ella Grace Nelson by far.
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    I think the sibling argument is silly. Your daughter and your son are individuals who will not be a pair for their entire lives. Also assuming your daughter marries, she will most likely have a different last name eventually... one you can't control. So you really need to focus on finding a name that you love. If Ella is what you love, then go for it! If Eliana is your favorite, then pick that one. When the parents pick a nick name other people pretty much fall in line so you really will be fine for a while. Your daughter may change her nick name herself in the future though. She may prefer Elli to Ella and tell people to call her that. She may like just El, or she may be extremely bouncy and tell people to call her Lala. lol
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