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Thread: Ella or Eliana?

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    Ella or Eliana?

    Which girls name do you prefer?

    Ella Rose Nelson
    Ella Grace Nelson
    Eliana Rose Nelson
    Eliana Grace Nelson

    I can't decide! I love them both for different reasons.
    Ella~ I love for its simple, classic feel and pretty sound. I think it matches my son Silas' name perfectly. My concern with this name is that it's too short, but definitely not a deal-breaker.

    Eliana~ I love its long, flowing sound, its beautiful Hebrew meaning, "My God has answered" since having a daughter is my prayer, and that I can still call her Ella for short. My concern with this name is that people will call her Ellie or Ana instead of Ella for short.

    Thanks, berries!
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    I think Ella is beautiful and simple and unpretentious.

    I think Eliana has a beautiful meaning and a nice sound. I admit I prefer Eliora - "G-d is my light" to Eliana, but Eliora is less well known which can be good or bad depending on how you feel about it.

    I do think either might get called Ellie sometimes, but Ellas get called Ellie too so that wouldn't be a dealbreaker for Eliana for me if I loved it. I don't see -ana happening as much.

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    I much prefer just Ella--I really worry about Eliana nn Ellie, too. I love Ella, but I'm not an Ellie fan at all. I think Ella Grace is very sweet with big brother Silas.

    Good luck!
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    I like Ella Rose...because I just do. LOL!

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    I definitely prefer Eliana with your last name. It's not a hard and fast rule, but I generally think that first name - last name combos with different numbers of syllables sounds better. (Your middle names are beautiful and fit both names so nicely, but your DD will usually be known by first name-last name in all likelihood.) When you say it out loud, Eliana (4) Nelson (2) just flows so much more nicely than Ella (2) Nelson (2). Also, since both Ella/Eliana and Nelson start with that "el" sound, the extra syllables help break it up more.

    Personally, I think Ellie is an adorable nn! But, I could easily see an Eliana going by Ella or just Elle very easily. Similarly, I could see an Ella getting called Ellie as a little pet-name/nn very easily, so I don't know if nn should be such an important factor with such similar names.

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