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    Children of the Corn names?

    I love names like Malachi, Mordecai, Jedidiah, Nehemiah, etc. But every time I bring them up to my mom she says they sound like names from Children of the Corn. I personally still love the names but it kinda bothers me. When you hear those names is that what you think of? Have you has any other similar experiences with telling a person about names you love?

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    My boyfriend, and to a lesser degree I, love these names. But yes, they're rather Children of the Corn-ish. Personally, it doesn't bother us. We're neither of us religious or spiritual in any way (I'm atheist, he's agnostic) but we love elaborate, biblical style names, which is what most of the Children's names are. I've had some funny experiences sharing names I love. My brother thinks most of the names I love are pretentious. I told him I was naming my first born Bear the other day and he said, "Now that's a name!" lmao

    Malachi, Mordecai, Jedidiah, Nehemiah and the like are lovely names with lots of history, so if you love them, keep on loving them, Children of the Corn be damned.
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    Mordecai/Mordechai just feels Jewish to me. (I'm Jewish) and I've never known one who wasn't. I don't get much of a fundamentalist vibe off it. There are "Old Testament" names that feel much more Christian to me.

    Malachi was literally in Children of the Corn, but I like the meaning and really I love the name.

    Nehemiah and Jedidiah feel more Christian to me because of the Anglicized translations. Nechemya/Nehemya feels Jewish.

    I love Jethro, which is hickster. (hick + hipster). My mom said "Like Beverly Hillbillies?!" and I said "would you say that about Yitro?" (Same name in Hebrew) and she said ""

    Jed has a similar Clampett feel as Jethro but I don't mind Jedidiah. I actively like Jabez, which is similarly hickster/Southern-sounding/Children of the Corn sounding to some. Popular Bible names like Noah/Jonah don't do much for me compared to some of these, honestly.

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    I never saw Children of the Corn, so to me they're just biblical names.

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    I do think Children of the Corn but that doesn't bother me.
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