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    He finally has a name!

    I posted a couple of days ago about two babies that were born to friends of my family, one of the babies didn't have a name when he was born so I announced his birth but I couldn't announce his name. But I can do it now! He was born on the 8th of July at 11.23am and weighted 8lbs 3oz and has been given the name Samuel Lawson Crichton. He is the first child of my sisters friend and I hope to meet him soon.

    Crichton is his last name which is pronounced cry-tin

    EDIT - Just heard that he might now be called Alex, I'm a little disappointed a the moment. Samuel is such a strong and classic name whereas Alex is a nickname that should only be used for and Alexander not on it's own, in my opinion. I think they are doing a final name announcement on Monday so I will find out then and see what's happening.
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