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    Thankyou everyone! I've been really bothered by this one, because I LOVE the name. Silverr - Yes, I definitely am overthinking it - I overthink everything as well! And swats330 - I know exactly what you mean - I wanted to be really careful, but since most of you didn't notice, maybe it's not quite as bad as I thought...

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    Quote Originally Posted by swats330 View Post
    I'd like to offer a somewhat dissenting voice. I wouldn't worry if this was an issue for a girl, but my DH and father-in-law recently had this whole conversation with me about how boys are way worse/harsher on making fun of their playmates' names than girls are. I don't remember name teasing much (at all?) between girls, but apparently boys take a lot of notice on how a name can make fun of someone according to them. I'm not saying it's a deal killer (esp since I think Arthur is a great name!!), but whenever this kid does something poorly in gym or group sports he might be taunted with "Arthur-Wright-is!" I'm just imagining some really annoying gym classes or recesses in school...
    I agree with swats330!

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    Quote Originally Posted by graciebeth View Post
    My immediate connection was "authors write" which sounds excellent to me.

    But that may just be because I have a fairly strong regional accent, and Arthur and author are pronounced almost identically here.
    Haha this is exactly what I thought! I don't even pronounce it like "author" but I'm a book nerd so maybe that's it. If the worst I can come up with though is "Author write" then you're doing pretty good. I would have never thought of arthritis. Do kids even know what arthritis is?

    Go for it. Love the name :-)

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