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    Exclamation Arthur Wright - arthritis?? :/

    Twins due in January, and if they're boys, Arthur is one if the names we are loving. However, our surname is Wright. Does Arthur Wright sound too much like arthriris to you? Did you notice it before I brought it up?

    If we couldn't use it as a first, we would as a middle, but I REALLY like it and would love to use it.

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    Nope didn't notice at all until you mentioned, and even still it's a tenuous connection
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    I think you may be over thinking it to be honest, but I know how it is- I over think everything!
    I did not think about it before you said it. I don't think they sounds alike, but after you mentioning it looking at the names written down I see a bit of arthritis. But that it only because you brought it up, I don't think anyone would ever think that!
    The name is great! Arthur is a handsome choice, and while it would also be a lovely middle name I think it needs to shine as the first name!

    Good luck!
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    Nah, it works for me. I like the name, actually.

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    My immediate connection was "authors write" which sounds excellent to me.

    But that may just be because I have a fairly strong regional accent, and Arthur and author are pronounced almost identically here.

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