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    Question Sebastian/Bastien???

    Absolutely LOVE the name Sebastian. I always have. However, it's becoming quite popular now, and I'm not too keen on using names that are common. I also really like Bastien, a french version of Bastian. Now, I know the connotations of b@st@rd, but I'm not too concerned. Just don't know which, if either to use.

    Pros - Has option of Sebastian/Bastian/Seb, known name - no confusion with pronounciation or spelling etc.
    Cons - A bit too common? Heard lots of Sebastians recently. Wouldn't want to name him long form, but only use Bastien.

    Pros - Much less common - more unique, I don't know any other Bastiens. Love especially the french spelling.
    Cons - Sounds a bit too similar to b@st@rd, also, doesn't give him much way for nicknames later in life etc.

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    With Bastien, my first thought was "he's a bastion of strength"--which isn't a bad thing. I've never heard of it used on it's own, but I don't dislike it.

    For me, the difficulty in pronunciation and spelling outweighs the popularity, but that's a choice you have to make.
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    I love Bastien especially since I'm a big fan of designer Michael Bastian. You could always go with a nickname of Bas too.
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    I like Sebastian better than Bastien. I like the nickname options with Sebastian, and I like having nickname options. I also don't think Sebastian is that popular, (I've never met one) and I don't think it will become the next Aidan either.
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    I've known tons of Sebastians. Half of them go by "'Bastian" though so I don't know that calling someone on Bastien really sidesteps much of the popularity in terms of hearing it everywhere.

    Either way I'd call him Baz for short. I'm not fond of Seb.

    It's not exactly my taste but it's a good solid name with nice weight and history, and one of my husband's favourites, so I'm trying to sell myself on it. I like three-syllable boys names in general, and 3-syllable-ends-in-n for both genders.

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