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  • Holiday Elizabeth Eve

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    Best Holiday Combo

    This is just a theoretical question but one of my very favorite names is Holiday. After toying around with combos, I came up with the following but wanted to know which was best.

    Holiday Elizabeth Eve
    Holiday Evangeline Elle

    I love Elle and Eve for their simplicity, and Elizabeth and Evangeline for their classic feel that grounds the more exotic Holiday.

    Haha, I also thought of Holiday Evangeline Eve and Holiday Elizabeth Elle, until I realized that the second middles are just short forms of the first middles.

    Edit: also, is it rude to post in the girls names forum if you're not actually having a child? Sometimes I feel like I'm overstepping my welcome in the girls forum.
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    Holiday is adorable! Both combos are lovely! Holiday Elizabeth Eve has a good flow. I think the unusual Holiday works great with the traditional Elizabeth and Eve. Holiday Evangeline Elle is just beautiful in my opinion! (It's my favorite.) I love Evangeline and Elle! I like the way Holiday, Evangeline, and Elle all complement each other.

    I've been following this forum for a while before I actually made an account, and a good amount of the posts don't seem to involve an actual human baby. So I think you're fine.

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    Aesthetically I like Holiday Elizabeth Eve best, but it does remind me of Christmas Eve! I don't think I would pair Holiday with Eve, even with Elizabeth in between.

    I don't think there is any problem posting in the girls names forum since your post is about girls names
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    Well, if it is rude, then I've definitely overstayed my welcome, lol!

    I actually think Holiday is cute, though I'd personally prefer it as a middle name.

    Both of the names you've listed are very long and rather heavy. 8 syllables without the surname!
    They are pretty, they're just a lot of name.
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    @amira thank you and welcome to nameberry!
    @jazz1509 thanks and I envisioned this name for a December baby anyway. By the way, I adore your daughters names!
    @Kala_way lol and yes they are long, but I think that's normal for a two middle names combo. Thanks for the input!

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