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    Audrey "Dree" (or Adriana)
    Elisabeth "Liesl"
    Gillian "Jill" (cheating?)
    Gwendoline "Wendy"
    Ines/Agnes "Nesta"
    Irene "Reenie"
    Johanna "Hanna"
    Rosalind "Lindy"
    Susanna "Zanna" (I'm thinking "Zuzu" violates Requirement 2a. )

    Less familiar:
    Althea "Thea" (or Anthea)
    Aloysia "Loysa"
    Apolline/Apollonia "Polly"
    Araminta "Minta"
    Clotilde "Tillie"
    Eugenie "Genie/Jeannie" (or "Jennie")
    Fideline "Della" (works too for Adeline/Adeliza/etc.)
    Fionnuala "Nuala" (or Finola "Nola," or Fenella "Nella")
    Honora/Annora "Nora"
    Judith, Edith "Dita" (maybe? more intuitive for Giuditta, Edita...)
    Odessa "Dessie"
    Roxana "Xan"
    Sibyl "Billie"
    Theodosia "Dosia"
    Ursula "Sully"

    Trendier: Evangeline "Vannie" (or "Angie"), Genevieve "Neve," Juliette "Liette," Lavinia "Vinnie," Lorelei "Rory," Violette "Lettie"
    ...and the more dated: Anastasia "Stacy," Cassandra "Sandra," Lucinda "Cindy," Nicole "Colette," Priscilla "Cilla," Veronica "Ronnie" (hmm, is "Rhona" more appealing?)

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