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    Smile Sister names for Margaret?

    Any suggestions for sister names for my baby? Her full name is Margaret Linnea and her nickname is Greta.

    Ideally, her sister (who is not yet conceived ... We're just brainstorming) would have a name that, like hers:

    1. Is traditional, but not too common.
    2. Has at least one cute nickname that:
    a) could work at any age,
    b) has a different initial than the "full name" (we like that our daughter's initial can either be M or G, depending on which is more useful for the context),
    c) doesn't have to be explained (we like that Greta is a traditional and not wholly unexpected nickname for Margaret)

    I know that's asking a lot! Feel free to suggest any names you'd recommend, even if they don't fit all the "requirements."

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