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    I love the idea of Philemon (och, I love the story of Paul and Philemon!), and I love the meaning of Amadeus (and its connection to both Mozart and God!) but I agree that Philemon Amadeus is a lot of name for a little boy! Maybe something a bit simpler with Philemon? Philemon Jack? Philemon Jude? Philemon Luke? Philemon Benjamin?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cannebella View Post
    I agree with namesy about Philemon Amadeus being a whole lot of name for a little boy and about it clunky next to his sisters names. I also really like the middle names she suggested. I was just looking at your daughters names in your signature and I was wondering who you pronounce Pheniox?
    It's the traditional pronunciation (fee-nix)
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlettsmommy View Post
    So we have four beautiful daughters and our last one was born in January of this year. We thought we were done because of the complications with her but we both want another one. One last try for the son my husband has always wanted. So no, I'm not pregnant yet but we're trying. We have a girl name picked out already but we're having trouble with a middle name for the little guy. His first name we have already decided and its going to be Philemon. Any help with a middle name? We have thought about Amadeus for his middle but...comments?
    I dislike the flow of Philemon Amadeus for me the combination has a really uneasy flow. I think Philemon needs to be with a stronger less out-there middle name. Amadeus just feels slightly over-the-top.
    Philemon Andreas (similar to Amadeus but just sounds stronger)
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    Philemon (which will be butchered by both kindergarten classmates and teachers) Amadeus is very dramatic and heavy...I love Amadeus, but Philemon's just not my favorite, sorry. Also doesn't sound well with sisters. Philemon Amadeo sounds significantly lighter.
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    I like Philemon, actually, as long as you're okay with the fact that 99% of people will at first a) not pronounce it the way you want and b) call him Phil. But I agree that Amadeus is a bit much with it. I would go with something simple and classic - I'm thinking Luke, James, George, etc, I think one syllable will sound best with it.

    Is Pheniox a typo or a variant? I'm just curious.

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