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Thread: Emme

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    I LOVE this name although do prefer it spelt Emmy. I think it is absolutely fine for a full name and if you are just going to call her Emmy then I wouldn't bother putting a longer name on the birth certificate.

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    Thanks. I still need a middle name for Emme. Longer middles work best. :-)

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    I think it is adorable!

    I have to admit though, that whenever parents have the choice, I think they should go with something more formal and use the nickname as a nickname. That is just my style, however, and I appreciate that many people just like the upbeat simplicity of an Annie (not formally an Anna) or a Harry (not formally a Harrison) -- so why not an Emme? Also, as far as the spelling goes, I like this one better than Emmy, although they are close in appeal.

    If it were me, I'd go with Emmeline Louisa or something. But as it is you -- go with Emme!

    As for middles -- hmm -- maybe you need to balance the nn as name with something more formal? Emme Victoria? Emme Florence? Emme Clementine? Emme Elise?

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    I love Emme. I think it seems less nickname-y than with a y, prob because it reminds me of the name Elle. I do prefer it as a nickname for Emmeline, though.

    Emme Victoria
    Emme Josephine
    Emme Charlotte
    Emme Eloise
    Emme Miranda
    Emme Rosalind
    Emme Lenora
    Emme Corinne
    Emme Colette
    Emme Clara
    Emme Cecilia
    Emme Viola
    Emme Matilda
    Emme Noelle
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    When I saw it, I assumed it was pronounced "Em". You may have to correct people about pronunciation or spelling from time to time, but that shouldn't be too big of a deal.

    Some middle names you might consider: Charlotte, Katherine/Catherine, Delilah, Guinevere, Aurora, Evangeline, Florence, Matilda. Shorter middles that might work are Kate, Grace, Frances, Faith, Jane.

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